Ari Emanuel hauls in $19 million for his Mandeville Canyon ode to Legorreta

Forgive us for being rather brusque on this story; we have already written about this property on at least three prior occasions. If any of y’all care to read them, just click here, here, and here. Anyway, everyone’s favorite talent agent extraordinaire-turned-powerhouse CEO Ari Emanuel has sold off his eye-catching compound near the mouth of […]

Ousted MGM CEO Gary Barber lays down $14 million on a vacant Beverly Hills promontory

Way back in early 2013, when the real estate market was still in recovery mode from our most recent economic recession, Mexican investor Mauricio Oberfeld coughed up $6,250,000 for a classic mid-century modern residence in Beverly Hills. Unfortunately for the ol’ gurl, she happened to be situated on one of the best lots in the […]

LiveNation CEO Michael Rapino pays $11 million for Kurt Rappaport’s Malibu crash pad

Well, that was fast. Only two days after Yolanda wrote about it — and scarcely two weeks after first being listed — superstar realtor Kurt Rappaport’s Malibu “crash pad” sold for $11,000,000 in what was likely an all-cash deal. Though the buyer’s identity is concealed behind a blind trust, Yolanda happens to know the proud […]

DC Comics king Geoff Johns stealthily shells out $6 million in Studio City

Although it is Martin Luther King, Jr. to whom the phrase “I have a dream” is usually credited, we’re guessing just about everyone has big dreams, big plans for themselves. But it’s those with entertainment industry aspirations — particularly in the actor/singer/model categories — who perhaps possess the most irrational, wildest-eyed optimism. Despite the fact […]