“Pretty Little Liars” creator I. Marlene King slams down $5.3 million in Encino

Yesterday, Yolanda discussed a big new $7 million Encino spec-mansion that was very recently sold to an obviously wealthy woman named Cyndi Ruud-Johnson. Well, kiddies, if you love the Valley you’re in luck today. There happens to be another similarly-styled spec-mansion directly next door to Ms. Ruud-Johnson’s new Encino estate. This other house was built […]

Billionaire Sidney Kimmel forks out $25 million for Alec Gores’ Beverly Hills showpiece

He may be pushing 90 years old, but apparel tycoon turned billionaire film producer and hardcore real estate baller Sidney Kimmel apparently wants a new house. And Yolanda hears from a little birdie that he has already closed on his latest dream residence: a deceptively modest-lookin’ contemporary spec build in prime Beverly Hills. Modest is […]

Anton & Carole Lessine drop $16 million on the Amalfi Rim of the Pacific Palisades Riviera

Well, fiddlesticks. Kids, the real estate market is so hot right now that Yolanda is having real, real trouble deciding what to write about. We’ve got pages of properties stinking up our desk! But that’s a good problem to have, and we aren’t complaining. Only a little bit, maybe. Today we’re going with a tale about […]

“The Late Late Show” producer Ben Winston buys dignified digs in Westwood

A fellow property gossip (a handsome young man from the north!) contacted Yolanda outta the great blue yonder last week. The dashing young fella — we’ll call him NoMo Snow — generously tipped us off about a rather straight-laced residence in the traffic-jammed Westwood area of Los Angeles. Mr. Snow snitched that the house recently was acquired […]

“Transformers” producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura shells out $7 million in Brentwood

As is a frequent occurrence, our real estate-giddy Romanian friend Vlad the Revealer at Celebrity Address Aerial recently contacted Yolanda and demanded to know the new owner of an expensive Los Angeles house. He was frothin’ at the mouth, we swear. The particular property he was all hot ‘n’ bothered over is located just off Sunset […]

Bird Street Week: Here’s the insane mansion (with three pools) that’s replacing the old Megan Ellison compound

Before we close the book on Bird Street Week, we wanted to give y’all a quick and dainty treat. Thanks to our real estate insider Don Won, we’ve got a right delight for everyone. You see, Mr. Won dug up renderings of the uber-modern mega-compound that will be replacing two of Oracle heiress/film producer Megan […]