Lee Daniels spends millions on a modern box in Beverly Hills (Post Office)

It’s no secret that the mountains above Beverly Hills are chock-full of Hollywood veterans. And there’s hardly a more ideal illustration of that fact than the cul-de-sac we shall discuss today. Located in the Coldwater Canyon area of Beverly Hills Hills Post Office (BHPO), the barely-there street contains just six homes. According to Yolanda’s research, […]

Jason Blum secretly drops $9.5 million in historic Fremont Place

A couple weeks ago, Yolanda chatted about a historic mansion in LA’s fashionable Hancock Park neighborhood that was recently (and covertly) acquired by horror film mega-producer Jason Blum, the dude behind scary (and highly lucrative) film franchises such as The Purge, Paranormal Activity, Insidious, and Sinister. A wee memory refresher: though Mr. Blum began renovating that […]

Film producer Oren Koules drops nearly $8 million on Malibu’s Broad Beach

Towards the far western end of Malibu lies Broad Beach, the ironically-named strip of sand known both for its palatial homes and for its unfortunate vanishing act. Yes, though all of Malibu’s once endlessly sandy beaches are slowly being gobbled back up by the voracious ocean, the B.B. erosion problem in particular has become quite […]

“Game of Thrones” co-creator D.B. Weiss lays out $9 million in Hancock Park

As Yolanda has said before, we have never watched that bizarrely popular HBO montage of nudity, violence and swear words that is Game of Thrones. And we very likely never will. But although we publicly roll our beautiful eyes and purse our luscious lips whenever a friend mentions that silly show, we do recognize its immense impact […]

“Scrubs” creator Bill Lawrence hauls in $21 million on Malibu’s Cliffside Drive

Point Dume, the very recognizable Malibu promontory that juts way out into the Pacific Ocean, has long been the most star-studded area of the city. Folks like Matthew McConaughey, Sean Penn, Chris Martin, Barbra Streisand, Owen Wilson, Bob Dylan, and Gerard Butler (and many more names we cannot remember) own in the neighborhood for the privacy its […]