Lee Daniels spends millions on a modern box in Beverly Hills (Post Office)

It’s no secret that the mountains above Beverly Hills are chock-full of Hollywood veterans. And there’s hardly a more ideal illustration of that fact than the cul-de-sac we shall discuss today. Located in the Coldwater Canyon area of Beverly Hills Hills Post Office (BHPO), the barely-there street contains just six homes. According to Yolanda’s research, […]

Ousted MGM CEO Gary Barber lays down $14 million on a vacant Beverly Hills promontory

Way back in early 2013, when the real estate market was still in recovery mode from our most recent economic recession, Mexican investor Mauricio Oberfeld coughed up $6,250,000 for a classic mid-century modern residence in Beverly Hills. Unfortunately for the ol’ gurl, she happened to be situated on one of the best lots in the […]