Oscar-winning film director Gore Verbinski spends $7.2 million in Montecito, too

Earlier today, Yolanda discussed Ellen DeGeneres’s new $7.2 million Montecito ranch. And if y’all have been following this blog for some time, y’all should know that there are lots of unexpected coincidences in real estate. And our Santa Barbara-based scholarly friend Barbara Bane alerted us to a real big coincidence: on the exact same day […]

Horror film producer/director Jaume Collet-Serra drops $5 million on Sunset Plaza

While the rest of the world — or at least the rest of the US — has had their attention laser-focused on President Trump’s controversial new healthcare plan, Yolanda’s nosy nose has been stuck in other folks’ real estate beeswax, as per usual. One property that caught our eye recently was a spiffy newly-renovated contemporary […]

“Guardians of the Galaxy” director/screenwriter James Gunn gets a celebrity pedigreed Malibu pad

Some weeks ago, our longtime Romanian friend Vlad the Revealer at the Celebrity Address Aerial website queried Yolanda about the new owner of a gloriously secluded Malibu estate with a long history of celebrity ownership. Records reveal the home was sold last year (2016) for $6,200,000 to a mysterious blind trust. The house, which we’ll […]

Mandeville Mystery 2: Shawn Levy Sells to Trent Reznor for $16 million

Well spank Yolanda’s booty because Ms. Windsor Smith is on fire right now. The lady is killin’ it. Seriously. You’ll recall we only just jumped on the bandwagon and discussed the Mandeville Canyon hacienda that British crooner Chris Martin sold to hedge fund impresario (and fellow Brit) Maurice Salem and his wife Danielle. That sale […]