Producer Doug Jordan drops $6.5 million cash in Encino

Perhaps the city of LA’s biggest neighborhood luxury come-up in recent years has been the San Fernando Valley enclave of Encino, where the advent of celebrity buyers and numerous spec-builders has suddenly caused an astronomical price spike. For reference, take this nearly 10,000-square-foot mansion located in a desirable south-of-Ventura Boulevard neighborhood. Originally built in 1998, […]

Patrick Schwarzenegger spends nearly $3 million on a WeHo cottage

Last week, Yolanda was unexpectedly contacted by an anonymous tipster who pointed us to a little house smack-dab in the middle of bustling West Hollywood. The house, our informant whispered, is owned and occupied by young Patrick Schwarzenegger, our former Governator‘s eldest son and the third of his five adult children. Although the property is […]

Kentucky boy Todd Blue drops $16 million on Malibu’s La Vie En Rose

An unabashedly glamorous estate in the Malibu foothills recently transferred for just about 16 million large — $15,907,000, to be exact — after a bonafide ice age on the market. The outsized spread was originally listed way back in November 2016 with a truly ridiculous $27.75 million ask. After several well-deserved price chops, strip club […]

Anders Eisner sells for a record-breaking $12.8 million in Little Holmby

Yolanda’s vintage red Cadillac broke down yet again so we are marooned at a faraway library, sipping on warm tap water while we await our specialist’s arrival. These old clunkers don’t have mechanics, they have car doctors and specialists who have attended to their ailments for years, treat them like family, and gently attempt to […]

Anthony de Rothschild quietly lists in Malibu’s Ramirez Canyon

Right across PCH from Malibu’s world-famous Paradise Cove is a small gated enclave secreted away in a lush canyon. The area — Ramirez Canyon, as it is known — is strenuously private, and most outsiders are unaware it exists. As such, homeowners of the multi-acre properties in here include a variety of famous and semi-famous […]

Handbag heir Olaf Guerrand-Hermès shells out $120k/month on the Malibu sand

Pristine beaches, rugged mountains, scenic PCH. Celebrity sightings. Wannabe celebrity sightings. Nobu. Malibu is California’s most famous beachside community for all those reasons and more. Correspondingly, it is also California’s most expensive beachside community. The blistering prices extend not only to for-sale properties but also to vacation rentals, like the one we shall discuss today. […]