Larry Ellison pays Joel Silver $38 million for his 12th Carbon Beach house

Although it has already been reported in just about every real estate gossip publication, Yolanda will remind y’all that controversial blockbuster film producer Joel Silver (The Matrix, Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, Predator) sold his massive pad on Malibu’s insanely pricey Carbon Beach just last week for $38,000,000 in an all-cash deal. While $38 million is […]

Yuri Milner takes out a $50 million mortgage on Fleur de Lys

It seems as though gigantic, Rob Kardashian-sized mortgages have become quite the popular thing these days. Just to give y’all a couple examples, first there was Jay-Z & Beyoncé’s highly-publicized $52.8 million loan on their new $88 million Bel Air trophy compound. Hong Kong-based billionaire heiress/businesswoman Karen Lo paid $70 million in cash for her […]

Larry Ellison’s girlfriend Nikita Kahn throws down $14 million at The Century

Two adjacent units in the super-luxe and appropriately-named The Century building in LA’s Century City neighborhood recently sold for a combined total of $14,162,000. The new owner, Yolanda was somewhat surprised to discover, is an LLC easily linked to a young lass named Nikita Kahn. Our Miss Kahn — if you didn’t already know — […]

Jeff Bezos drops $13 million on the little Beverly Hills house next door

To most folks, spending $10 million on a house seems like an unfathomable extravagance, the kind reserved for lottery winners and nouveau riche celebrities. But in reality, it’s a different kind of group altogether that (generally) buys those homes. Most folks spending eight figures on a property are successful businesspeople who are looking to invest […]

Snapchat co-founder Bobby Murphy spends big in Venice

It’s no secret that the once-gritty but now mostly-gentrified (yet still bohemian!) seaside community of Venice (CA) is exceptionally expensive. Leading the unstoppable price surge has been the rise of Silicon Beach and the hundreds tech companies that have infiltrated the area. Google, YouTube, Buzzfeed, Facebook — all have offices in the area. And then, of […]