Kraken CEO Jesse Powell spends $11.5 million cash on a Mandeville Canyon architectural

(NOTE: This is a repost of a story that originally appeared last December. Scads of photos of Mr. Powell’s new home can be seen here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.) Last month, cryptocurrency tycoon (and SF resident) Jesse Powell tweeted a mini-rant about San Francisco, its “crack-zombies,” and how “you can pay $3k/sqft […]

Google’s Jen Fitzpatrick drops $10 million on Carpinteria’s Sand Point

It’s a sunny Friday — a perfect time to hit the beach. Let’s eschew the typical Malibu haunts and head over to Carpinteria’s Sand Point Road, way up in beautiful Santa Barbara County. For y’all newbies, Carpinteria is a quaint little oceanside town located just southeast of the much ritzier Montecito neighborhood. Sand Point Road […]

Elon Musk lists mid-century modern above Brentwood’s Mandeville Canyon

Yolanda didn’t intend to embark on an Elon Musk storytime rampage today, but sometimes these things just happen. (P.S. — we’re also working to improve the gallery images/slideshow issue.) Mere hours ago, we discussed Mr. Musk — the founder/co-founder of PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla and the Boring Company — and his latest ride on the residential […]

Video gamer Jeff Strain plops out $12 million on some Old Hollywood glamour

We’ve recently been getting a small trickle of hate-mail from a couple of whiners. (You know who you are.) Seems they don’t care for most of the homes Yolanda has posted about recently — too “trashy” and “new money” for their delicate real estate sensibilities, apparently. Listen, y’all, start your own damn site if your […]