Billionaire Hasan Ismaik wants $70 million for his Holmby Hills mega-mansion

Apparently some folks are all in a tizzy that il Magione — one of the largest and most lavish mega-mansions located on LA’s arguably most prestigious street — has unexpectedly popped up for sale with a very serious $69,995,000 asking price. Calm down, people. These things happen! But naturally, Yolanda is eager for an excuse to mouth […]

The notorious “Bradbury Estate” finally sells… for just $24 million

It took nearly six years, but at long last one of LA’s largest and most unabashedly hedonistic estates has sold. The transfer price, records show, was $24,380,000. That’s a huge number, to be certain, but it’s also a sanity defying $54,420,000 less than the $78.8 million ask that original owner/seller Donald Abbey slapped on his modern-day […]

How a $7 million house became a $32 million vacant lot in less than 10 years

NOTE: (Yolanda wanted to write about something a wee bit offbeat today. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming soon, we promise). Close your eyes, think really hard, and you all may recall a simpler time back in the day. It wasn’t so long ago, really. We’re talking back in 2007. Obama hadn’t yet entered the Oval […]

The rumor mill: a $75 million sale in Malibu?

Normally Yolanda doesn’t pay much attention to the noise and other assorted foolishness that trills its way into our ears. We generally prefer facts backed up by research and property records. Today, however, we’ve gotta make an exception. The everyday rumors we hear are ridiculous and ridiculously false, but this one is so outlandish we think it might actually […]

British entrepreneur Richard Caring pays $33 million for a notorious Beverly Hills showpiece

Well, it’s finally happened. On the last day of 2016, at least seven months after initially entering escrow, one of Beverly Hills’ most infamous spec-mansions was sold. The new owner is UK-based bazillionaire Richard Caring, and he paid a magnificent $33,000,000. Ultra-modern in design, brimming with all the tech-gizmos, unquestionably lavish — the house was completed back […]