Qatar’s Consulate drops $27 million on a Beverly Hills mansion

The tiny, oil-rich sovereign state of Qatar — right next door to the Saudis on the Arabian Peninsula — is apparently feeling extra-flush with that black gold lately. In 2015, the Qatar Investment Authority announced plans to inject $35 billion into unspecified “US investments” over five years. Hence their rabid spending on luxury LA real […]

Bruce Halle’s Montecito villa lists at massive loss

Less than three years ago, in May 2016, a brand-new contemporary mansion atop a majestic Montecito mountaintop sold for $16 million amid multiple offers. The winning bidders were bazillionaire Arizona-based entrepreneur Bruce Halle and his longtime wife Diane Cummings Halle, an heiress to the Sara Lee food corporation. Here’s a peek at how the property […]

Sugar Bear Hair CEO Nicole Nightly drops millions on the house next door

If you’re even semi-active on the Instagram contraption, chances are good you’ve seen an advertisement for a blue bottle of gummy bear vitamins. Typically, said bottles are being peddled by your favorite “influencer” or “Instagram model”. Even the Kardashian klan — arguably Instagram’s Holy Grail of influencers — regularly hawks them on their respective Instagram […]

Vivid Entertainment’s Bill Asher dumps $14.5 million in Montecito

The Montecito/Santa Barbara area has recently seen a spate of mega-dollar real estate closings — property transfers for well into the eight figures, the latest of which went down last week. A gorgeous estate just north of the quaint downtown shops on Coast Village Road was quietly sold. Christened El Cielito, the lavish compound was designed […]