Kraken CEO Jesse Powell spends $11.5 million cash on a Mandeville Canyon architectural

(NOTE: This is a repost of a story that originally appeared last December. Scads of photos of Mr. Powell’s new home can be seen here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.) Last month, cryptocurrency tycoon (and SF resident) Jesse Powell tweeted a mini-rant about San Francisco, its “crack-zombies,” and how “you can pay $3k/sqft […]

Qatar’s Consulate drops $27 million on a Beverly Hills mansion

The tiny, oil-rich sovereign state of Qatar — right next door to the Saudis on the Arabian Peninsula — is apparently feeling extra-flush with that black gold lately. In 2015, the Qatar Investment Authority announced plans to inject $35 billion into unspecified “US investments” over five years. Hence their rabid spending on luxury LA real […]

Bruce Halle’s Montecito villa lists at massive loss

Less than three years ago, in May 2016, a brand-new contemporary mansion atop a majestic Montecito mountaintop sold for $16 million amid multiple offers. The winning bidders were bazillionaire Arizona-based entrepreneur Bruce Halle and his longtime wife Diane Cummings Halle, an heiress to the Sara Lee food corporation. Here’s a peek at how the property […]

Sugar Bear Hair CEO Nicole Nightly drops millions on the house next door

If you’re even semi-active on the Instagram contraption, chances are good you’ve seen an advertisement for a blue bottle of gummy bear vitamins. Typically, said bottles are being peddled by your favorite “influencer” or “Instagram model”. Even the Kardashian klan — arguably Instagram’s Holy Grail of influencers — regularly hawks them on their respective Instagram […]

James Perse requests $40 million for his Point Dume showplace

[EDIT (3/9/19): Yolanda’s original post misstated the architect of the James Perse house. The residence was designed by the firm Nicolas, Budd, Dutton, with architect Bill Nicholas as the partner-in-charge. Our apologies for the error.] Today is a very special day! Not only are we blessed with a beautiful Friday, but one of Yolanda’s all-time […]