Kylie Jenner coughs up $5 million cash for the vacant lot next door

Now that the Kardashians are richer than even most A-list celebrities, they have kicked their little-people habit of buying homes in the $3 to $5 million range. That sort of spending is for the poors! It’s now mega-mansion compound building time, y’all. Take little Miss Pregnant Kylie Jenner. Though the budding makeup mogul just recently […]

Mauricio Umansky & Kyle Richards buy an $8.2 million piece of Encino history

Encino, located in the San Fernando Valley and long the red-headed stepchild in LA’s family of luxury real estate neighborhoods, has lately been coming in to its own. We’ve seen a big spat of expensive sales of new spec-mansions bought by an increasing number of wealthy celebrities who are gladly forgoing the Westside, drawn in […]

Hidden Hills Roundup: Kylie Jenner quietly sells at a big profit to muffin mogul John Schiavo

No Hidden Hills discussion could be complete without mentioning the Kardashians, long the area’s most famous (or infamous, if you prefer) residents. When they’re not busy taking butt selfies or doin’ the daily pap stroll, the krazy K-Klan buys and sells multi-million dollar Valley mansions like normal folks go through laundry detergent. And so, here […]

Real estate baller Lauren Conrad flips out in Pacific Palisades

Reality television pioneer turned fashion designer and entrepreneur Lauren Conrad rang in the New Year right with a big announcement: she’s expecting her first child with her former indie musician hubby William Tell. That the Audi R8-driving former Laguna Beach: The Real OC and The Hills star would find time to become pregnant is impressive to Yolanda — Ms. Conrad […]

Makeup maven Kat Von D steals a Windsor Square Victorian for $6.5 million

When this house first came to market way back in April (2016), Yolanda saw it, liked it, and hoped it would sell to a preservation-minded individual. You know, someone who would caress the ol’ gurl and revive her faded glory. Not one of those house-flipping development firms who would quickly bastardize the place by slapping […]

Roy & Lea Black toss out $6 million for some Sunset Strip sex appeal

After chatting about Camille Grammer, we decided to continue on with our ex-Real Housewives stars today because, well, why not. Lea Black, as you may (or may not) know, was the unofficial matriarch on the short-lived Miami franchise. We never watched that particular trainwreck — thank goodness — but we hope Mrs. Black got a few […]