Kris & Kylie Jenner show off their designer-done digs

Since it’s the weekend, the cat’s away and the mice (Yolanda) want to play. So how about something a wee bit offbeat? Don’t fret, our regularly scheduled programming will return shortly. We know many of our snootier readers dislike the Kardashians and deride them as being famous (and famously rich) for absolutely nothing. “No talent!!!” […]

Dr. Jenn Mann & Eric Schiffer dole out $5.7 million in Beverly Hills (Post Office)

Today we decided to give y’all a quick peek at a big new house located high in the mountains above Beverly Hills, in a celeb-soaked area known as Beverly Hills Post Office (BHPO). Built on spec in the trendy Traditional/faux-Cape Cod style, the 6,000-square-foot pad was recently sold for a hefty $5,700,000 to a blind trust […]

Holly Madison forks out $8.7 million for some Windsor Square history

It’s been awhile since we’ve written about a house in the historic Hancock Park/Windsor Square neighborhood of Los Angeles. That’s poor taste on our part because the mansions there are some of the most beautiful in the city. Think grand old dames chock-full of style, memories, and ghosts of the party days of yore. Windsor […]

Kris Jenner secretly plunks down $10 million across the street from Kim

It’s no secret that enormously famous celebrity supernova Kim Kardashian and her momager mama Kris Jenner share a close relationship. For heaven’s sake, the reality star lived at her mom’s Hidden Hills house (off and on) until she was well into her mid-30s. Heck, she might even be living there now that her old house […]

Kim & Kanye sell for nearly $18 million cash to billionaire Brian Acton’s wife Marina

EDIT (11/22/2017): Yolanda has been contacted by Brian Acton, who was appreciably friendly but adamant that he is NOT currently married to Marina Acton. We figure that Mr. Acton probably knows these things, so ignore everything we said about the marriage.  Keep in mind, however, that Ms. Acton does know Mr. Acton and definitely has […]

Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec pays Shaun White $6.7 million for his Hollywood Hills hideaway

Every neighborhood in LA (or most anywhere, for the matter) has a unique flavor. And Hollywood Hills’ Outpost Estates area is known primarily for its romantic Spanish and Mediterranean housing stock, much of which dates to the 1920s. It is also famous — or at least famous to Yolanda — for its proliferation of mature […]

Kendall Jenner top-secretly lays down $8.5 million for a celebrified house in star-studded Mulholland Estates

Though some snarky folks have opined that she has all the personality of a Maytag washing machine, Yolanda finds Kendall Jenner to be the most interesting member of the Kardashians. We care about the real estate, after all, and though she’s not as rich as her little sister Kylie, the Ferrari-owning elder Miss Jenner is the only […]