Ellen DeGeneres quietly pays $18.6 million for a slice of Carpinteria’s Padaro Lane

Oh Lawdy, she’s at it again. Perennially nomadic and Porsche-driving showbiz stalwart Ellen DeGeneres has just dropped the big bucks on yet another swanky new pad. Before we begin, we must give credit for this story to our longtime friend/tipster Barbara Bane, who is based in Santa Barbara. Ms. DeGeneres — arguably the most voracious […]

James Corden drops $10 million on Steven Levitan’s Brentwood Park mansion, promptly gives it a major makeover

Kids, Yolanda just touched down in LA after our European vacay and now we feel rather bummed because we realize we’re hopelessly behind on everything. But we thought we’d get the week started off bright and early with a wee juicy morsel out of one of our favorite LA neighborhoods: the low-key and family-friendly yet […]

James Jagger snags comedian Grace Helbig’s Silver Lake pad

Here’s another Labor Day quickie for y’all. Some time ago, our friend Vlad the Revealer at Celebrity Address Aerial inquired about this petite mini-compound in the heart of LA’s fully gentrified and hipster-approved Silver Lake neighborhood. The super-compact digs sold for $1,200,000 earlier this year — a fat $211,000 more than the asking price of $989,000 […]

Lizzy Jagger gets herself a $2.5 million love nest in Nichols Canyon

Y’all may recall that a few months back, Yolanda discussed the new $2.7 million Nichols Canyon home of 25-year-old fashion model Georgia May Jagger. Young Ms. Thang purchased the privately-situated property from rock star Anthony Kiedis. Now then! Our Miss Jagger has two older full siblings (Lizzy and James) and one younger brother (Luke). All […]

Comedian Tony Cavalero buys Marlon Brando’s old Paul Williams haunt

One thing we love about the Hollywood Hills is the proliferation of unique and idiosyncratic homes everywhere. Go for a drive on Mulholland or down Laurel Canyon and on every wee side street there’s liable to be a random architectural gem hidden behind hedges and gates. So when our friend Vlad the Revealer at Celebrity Address […]

Comedian Demetri Martin buys Cobie Smulders’ Los Feliz triplex

Although we typically prefer those ’60s TV shows — Mission: Impossible, The Avengers, M.A.S.H. — Yolanda is not just an ignorant old fogey. We like some select stuff from today, too! One of the cornball new(er) shows we like is the How I Met Your Mother, which is cute and sappy and mildly funny in the best way. So when faced with an […]

Ellen DeGeneres unloads her Hollywood Hills rancher for $10 million… again

She’s back at it again. Nobody, and we mean nobody, gets more real estate-related tabloid ink devoted to them than perennially on-the-move comedian Ellen DeGeneres. The voracious home buyer and seller — with an eye for architecturally pedigreed properties — has bought and sold well over a dozen residences (all of which she has lived […]