Ellen DeGeneres takes a $27 million trip to Bali by way of Montecito

As we’ve previously discussed on several (many) occasions, Ellen DeGeneres has apparently made it her life’s mission to keep real estate agents in the black — and to own every fancy property from San Pedro to Santa Barbara. You see, our Ms. DeGeneres has an unrequited, well-documented, bonafide real estate obsession. It’s true. Yolanda knows […]

Coldplay’s Phil Harvey dumps $15 million in Brentwood Park

Family-friendly yet outrageously expensive Brentwood Park continues to prove itself as one of LA’s most coveted neighborhoods. Though the high-end market is soft at the moment, prices in that wee pocket are on an infinite upswing, or so it would seem. Take today’s home. Spec-built in 2010 by developer Paul Morrow and designed by accomplished […]

Donald Glover gets a majorly mod real estate upgrade in La Cañada Flintridge

(Note: House photos removed per Mr. Glover’s request.) Though we don’t write about it often, the decidedly suburban community of La Cañada Flintridge is one of Yolanda’s favorite towns in SoCal. Located northeast of Glendale — up where the SGV meets the Crescenta Valley — this wealthy area borders the pristine Angeles National Forest. As […]

Wei Dong lays out $12.5 million cash for Matthew Perry’s Bird Streets perch

Sometimes Yolanda hears exceedingly random things through the real estate grapevine — stuff so random we can’t even decipher what it means. Case in point: the stunning Bird Streets abode sold last year by Friends actor Matthew Perry. Records reveal Mr. Perry made bank on this transaction — he got $12,500,000 in an all-cash deal […]

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey buys Raven Lyn a multi-million dollar starter house

A few days ago, good ol’ Vlad the Revealer queried Yolanda about who bought an eye-catching contemporary located way high up in the Hollywood Hills, on a quiet street just off iconic Mulholland Drive. Interestingly, records reveal the property was acquired by a mysteriously-named entity set up by a prominent Silicon Valley-based lady lawyer famous […]