American Idol creator Simon Fuller seeks $37.5 million in Bel Air

Seems like most Bel Air properties available for purchase these days are of the ultra-contemporary architectural variety, but there are still a handful of old-school classics, too. Though it’s not publicly listed for sale, mega-loaded Idol franchise creator Simon Fuller has quietly engaged one of LA’s most successful realtors to discreetly shop around his historic Bel Air spread […]

Calvin Harris coughs up nearly $14 million for a vacant Bel Air lot and mansion plans

Much of Lower Bel Air — one of America’s priciest neighborhoods — looks more like a warzone these days than the genteel old money mansionville of yore. Blame it on the skyrocketing sale prices of contemporary LA mansions in recent years. Cash-flush developers are frothin’ at the mouth to build ever-bigger compounds on speculation — […]

Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner cop a $13.5 million Beverly Hills (Post Office) lovenest

Someone in South Carolina won a $1.5 billion lottery jackpot last night. We imagine that (as yet unnamed) individual is probably — between fainting spells and euphoric jig-dancin’ — wondering how to spend all that cash. Stock investments? A first-class world tour? Cocaine? Well, if the lucky dude (or dudette) takes a cue from other […]

Kelly Clarkson drops $8.5 million on a snazzy Encino modern farmhouse

Just like anything else, architectural fads come and go. En vogue right now — at least in LA — is the so-called “modern farmhouse“. We like to think of this style as kind of like Traditional architecture, albeit with a rustic yet sophisticated twist. Start with an large family-friendly mansion, add some distressed wood inside […]

Kelly Rowland grabs a $3.5 million Sherman Oaks modern farmhouse

Yolanda happened to be doing some record-browsing through a Sherman Oaks neighborhood recently when we stumbled across one of those new-fangled “modern farmhouse”-style spec-builds that are currently all the rage here in LA. The pudgy abode — nearly 5,000-square-feet of living space within it — was sold a few months back to an enigmatically-named corporate […]

Pharrell doles out $15.6 million for Madea’s glassy Mulholland Drive extravaganza

As was reported by The Blast — and confirmed by property records — singer/songwriter/music producer extraordinaire Pharrell Williams has tossed down the big A-list bucks (a hefty $15,600,000) for a decidedly unique Los Angeles mega-mansion way up yonder in the hills. This despite that he and Robin Thicke were recently ordered to pay $5.3 million in damages […]