Jenna Marbles drops nearly $3 million on a Sherman Oaks starter house

Tell Dr. Yolanda your ailments, and we will attempt to prescribe the correct medication. We have now received requests from two different readers (at least we think they are two different readers?), both of whom effusively begged for further details about the fancy new home of Jenna Mourey, better-known as Jenna Marbles. Both readers, apparently, […]

YouTube stars Rosanna Pansino and HuskyStarcraft flip out in Tarzana

Thanks to a thoughtful reader, Yolanda has learned that mega-rich YouTube stars Rosanna Pansino (real name: Rosanna Reardon) and HuskyStarcraft (real name: Mike Lamond) have unexpectedly slapped a $4,250,000 pricetag on their luxurious mini-estate in the San Fernando Valley neighborhood of Tarzana. If y’all did not already know, the pint-sized Ms. Pansino (she stands a dimunitive 4’10”) […]

Beauty blogger Bethany Mota pays $2.2 million for a starter Studio City house

Good ol’ Vlad the Revealer at Celebrity Address Aerial couldn’t resist asking us about a house in the San Fernando Valley’s Studio City neighborhood that recently sold for $2,200,000 to a mysterious blind trust. The nosy Yolanda was all too glad to oblige and after about a minute of research, we can tell y’all that […]

Lil Dicky slides into a $2.5 million Venice cottage

Anyone worth their mettle knows that a knack for attracting attention and courting controversy is a far more marketable commodity than any traditional “talent” these days. At least when it comes to generatin’ stacks of cash. Just ask that squawking “Cash me ousside” chicken and the Paul bros. Or even our beloved Kardashians, who arguably […]