Sophie Schmidt snags secluded Sunset Strip starter shanty

Many old homes in the foothills above the world-famous Sunset Strip have a celebrity history. Of course that’s partly due to their Hollywood proximity, but also because droves of them are blessed with both privacy and stunning LA skyline views, assets famous folks usually can’t find down in the flats. Take today’s property. Originally built […]

Zelda Williams spends millions on the historic Aldous Huxley estate

It’s been some time since we’ve discussed a house on LA’s Eastside, the part of our fine city that includes trendy (and historically hipster) communities like Silver Lake, Echo Park, and Los Feliz. Though oft-overlooked by snooty Westside homebuyers, flocks of wealthy creative types — and celebrities in general — have migrated out yonder toward […]

Joe Rogan dumps a record-shattering $5 million in Bell Canyon

Although it’s one of Southern California’s wealthiest communities, Bell Canyon is oft-overlooked by the press. Part of the blame lies with its rather remote location — though technically within the Ventura County boundaries, homes there must be accessed by driving through the LA County neighborhood of West Hills, making the area just a particularly far-flung […]

Lead Edge Capital’s Mitchell Green drops $16 million in Montecito

Don’t call us jet setters — the truth is far, far from that — but we’ve done a small patch of traveling in our time. Despite the allure of more exotic locales, one of our favorite earthly destinations remains the quaint seaside town of Montecito (CA). For any geographically-challenged readers, Montecito is located immediately next […]

Deborah Shainfeld goes classic for $14 million cash in the Beverly Hills Flats

We decided to keep the Old Hollywood theme going today with this lovely 1935 Mediterranean Revival-style villa in the Flats of Beverly Hills, surely one of the wealthiest and most expensive neighborhood pockets in all of Los Angeles County. According to architecture enthusiast Michael Locke, the house was designed and built by contractors Rose & […]