Anthony Hopkins spends millions on the house next door

As he elegantly glides into his sunset years, Oscar-winning actor Sir Anthony Hopkins remains determined to show these young hooligans how it’s done. The still-hardworking 81-year-old (catch him on Westworld!) now boasts a nonstop career spanning nearly six full decades. And he’s schooling young’uns on the property front, too. After all, life could end at […]

Kris & Kylie Jenner show off their designer-done digs

Since it’s the weekend, the cat’s away and the mice (Yolanda) want to play. So how about something a wee bit offbeat? Don’t fret, our regularly scheduled programming will return shortly. We know many of our snootier readers dislike the Kardashians and deride them as being famous (and famously rich) for absolutely nothing. “No talent!!!” […]

Jodie Foster asks $15.9 million for her longtime Beverly Hills home

As part of Yolanda’s daily morning routine, we awoke today and perused the latest LA real estate listings. Unfortunately for our poor MacBook keyboard, we spit out an entire mouthful of orange juice upon noticing that revered actress/producer Jodie Foster has quietly (and somewhat surprisingly) slapped a whopping $15,900,000 pricetag on her Beverly Hills residence. […]

A-Rod and J.Lo quietly buy Jeremy Piven’s Malibu beach house

Certain celebrities gobble up so many homes that Yolanda has (nearly) given up trying to track them all down. We’re talking people like the Kardashians, Taylor Swift and Ellen DeGeneres — each of whom have amassed property portfolios worth $100 million or thereabouts. And then there’s Alex Rodriguez and his long-term lady love Jennifer Lopez, […]