Jimmy Rollins is a major league baller in Encino… again

It was barely one year ago — last January (2018), in fact — that soon-to-be-retired pro baseball star Jimmy Rollins broke the Encino sales price record with a $10,650,000 splurge. His spec-built monster mansion weighs in at nearly 15,000-square-feet of living space, dwarfing all the surrounding homes. Oddly enough, it seems that Mr. Rollins’ record-breaking […]

Formula One’s Daniel Ricciardo snags a $9 million Beverly Hills (Post Office) bachelor pad

“In the spring,” according to Alfred, Lord Tennyson, “a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” That’s still true, of course. But ol’ Al lived back in the day, back when young men loved spinning poetry verses and owning the finest horses. Nowadays, savvy (and wealthy) young fellas amuse themselves by spinnin’ the tires […]

Baseball star Mike Moustakas antes up $5.6 million above Malibu’s Point Dume

Our longtime BFF Vlad the Revealer at the Celebrity Aerial Website recently sent us a so-called “urgent” message, arrogantly demanding to know who bought a certain Malibu house. First of all: calm the heck down, son. Don’t get too big for them britches or Yolanda will hose you down with the ice-cold shower water of truth. […]

Lakers coach Luke Walton balls out in a $7.2 million Manhattan Beach mansion

Last year, our friend Vlad the Revealer from Celebrity Address Aerial requested Yolanda’s help in identifying the owner of a large LA-area mansion that recently transferred for $7,200,000 to an enigmatic blind trust. Unfortunately, Yolanda was preoccupied at that time with our busted bunions (no more Jimmy Choos for us) and our annoying third ex-husband […]

Dodgers owner Mark Walter shatters the Malibu real estate record with his $85 million splurge

Ever since David Geffen’s major-league Carbon Beach (or Billionaire’s Beach to you plebes) estate sold for a sanity-defying $85 million, rumors have run rampant about who the buyer could be. Yolanda first heard the new owner was a couple from Texas. Then came whispers it was a fellow from South America. Well, life is funny sometimes. As […]

Real estate baller Shaun White buys his next door neighbor’s house for $11 million

He may be just 30 years old, but professional snowboarder/skateboarder and two-time Olympic gold medalist turned wildly successful entrepreneur Shaun White has money. Serious money. And it seems that hardly a month goes by when he’s not popping up in all the property gossip columns for buying or selling this or that latest residence. By Yolanda’s […]

Reinout & Danielle Oerlemans give it another go above the Sunset Strip

The real estate market may still be fiery hot in certain (many) areas of LA, but not everyone’s feelin’ the warmth. Folks are being left out in the cold — or even worse, getting burned. Take this genetically-blessed couple named Reinout & Danielle Oerlemans. They’ve been trying to unload their Hollywood Hills party mansion since, like, the […]