Lakers co-owner Jesse Buss balls out with a $10 million Brentwood new build

In case y’all somehow forgot, professional sports is an extremely lucrative business — not just for the players by virtue of their enormous contracts, but also for the team owners, managers and coaches, too. Take Los Angeles Lakers head coach Luke Walton, who was signed to a five-year deal with a healthy base salary of […]

NBA star Russell Westbrook slams down nearly $20 million on a Brentwood Park mansion

Once upon a time, nearly all the LA-based professional sports players only wanted to live in Calabasas or somewhere in the surrounding San Fernando Valley area (or Manhattan Beach, but we digress). And many of them continue to favor these far-flung neighborhoods, of course. Nevertheless, there has recently been a stealthy (and small, thus far) […]

NBA baller DeAndre Jordan slam-dunks $10 million on a Malibu villa

The iconic Pacific Coast Highway snakes through all 21 miles of Malibu, effectively dividing the coastal city into two sections. Those homes on the ocean-side of the highway (sandwiched in between PCH and the Pacific) are some of the most expensive in the world, although many sit cheek-to-jowl with their neighbors on the sand, like the […]

Former NBA star Al Harrington drops $3.8 million in Calabasas

It’s certainly no secret that the far-flung San Fernando Valley communities of Calabasas and Hidden Hills have become somewhat of a residential mecca to celebrities from the music and pro sports industries. Yolanda can’t say for sure why that is, but we do know that Calabasas is one of LA County’s newest cities. And the homes […]

Hidden Hills Roundup: NBA All-Star Paul George secretly spends $7.4 million next door to Vin Scully

Yolanda thought we’d do something a wee bit different today. We realize that we pay the Westside of LA entirely too much attention up in this here blog. It’s not okay that we neglect other areas, other areas like the wilderness that is the San Fernando Valley. Yeah, the only time we chat about the […]