Yolanda’s last post

For the past couple months Yolanda has been writing more infrequently, as some subscribers have noticed. Yes, we’ve been busy with something. Something big we’re thrilled to finally share with all of you.

So here goes. Yolanda and our little blog have been acquired by Penske Media Corporation (PMC). We’ve been hired both to join Variety as an editor-at-large and to co-found Dirt.com, a new standalone media brand under the PMC umbrella — à la Rolling Stone, Robb Report, Deadline and many others.

But before delving into what that means for the future, here’s a brief (we hope) summary of how and why we originally started this little site. We’ve never given a “Yolanda history” lesson before — so if you’ve weirdly been craving more info about her, class is officially in session.

Yolanda has been fascinated by high-end real estate — and the people who can afford to play in that particular sandbox — for as long as we can remember. We grew up right outside a guard-gated community and used to beg our parents to drive us through the “Estates” as a child. Mr. and Mrs. Yakketyyak patiently explained that wasn’t possible — the gates were there to keep poor folks (like us) out. Tantrums ensued. We weren’t one to take “no” for an answer, obviously. For better or worse.

About eight years ago, we began contributing to various real estate news sites — providing the writers with tips, organizing lists for them — all free of charge. We compiled a rundown of both 2012’s and 2013’s biggest transactions for Curbed LA, just for example.

Eventually we realized operating our own website would be far more sensible than providing free content to others. After two indecisive years, we finally took the plunge and founded this blog in early 2016. At the time, we were working a desk job for a wonderful healthcare manufacturing giant and wrote in the evenings and on weekends. And while we knew this blog provided valuable content, growth initially was sluggish. It took us a full year to notch our first 1,000 subscribers.

No, Yolanda never invested in any conventional marketing methods. But somehow, word organically spread. Over the past couple years, the blog has grown rapidly — beyond anything we imagined. Our work has been quoted in respected publications like the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Financial Times, The Real Deal,Architectural Digest, New York Post, The Observer, and so many more. And today, our site is one of the most widely-read real estate blogs in the entire country.

Sorry for tooting our own flabby horn, kids. But we never set out to be a “disruptor” or “influencer” — yet we’ve been labeled so time and time again. And hey, we’ll take those titles any day.

Anyway, our traffic exploded so much that we left our “day” job exactly a year ago to concentrate on this site (and other side projects) full-time. We’ve seen an avalanche of new subscribers, millions upon millions of pageviews, and even received a couple serious offers for our website and/or content. While financially generous, those partnerships ultimately weren’t the right fit, for various reasons. Since day one, our goal has always been to remain an independent website.

But that lucrative traffic growth, welcome as it may be, has also brought a multitude of challenges. Probably the two most common questions Yolanda gets are “why aren’t you on social media?” and “why do you only write about LA stuff?”

The answer is that we’d love to be on social media. And we’d love to write about your city, too. But as a solo operator, we just don’t have the bandwidth. These posts may look simple, kids, but writing the text alone takes hours. And that doesn’t include editing, curating images, inserting links, moderating comments. Not to mention the endless research. 80 hours a week? Yes.

Last year we met with an established business developer for guidance on how to scale this “venture,” if you will. The conclusion was straightforward: in order to expand Yolanda’s coverage, we would either require a very substantial capital investment or partnership with an established media company whose mission parallels our own: creating game-changing, compelling, slightly irreverent content for all y’all. We are blessed to say Penske Media is that partner.

We will temporarily become an editor-at-large for Variety’s Dirt section until the new Dirt.com — the standalone real estate news brand we are co-founding — goes live. Stay tuned.

This big change wasn’t a decision we took lightly or made easily. But after many meetings and discussions, we are supremely confident Jay and the fantastic team at PMC are fully aligned with our goals. And in this time of change and transition, we are committed to providing exactly the same sort of exhaustively researched content you’ve come to love — or at least read. If you’re already a subscriber, the transition should be seamless. You’ll continue receiving stories as usual.

And for anyone who wants to accuse us of “selling out” — well, perhaps you’re not technically wrong. But while being independent was certainly fun in its own way, it just wasn’t a sustainable business model. That’s the truth. And the opportunity to be affiliated with a global powerhouse — one who actually supports us wholeheartedly? Priceless.

This post may seem unnecessarily lengthy. It’s just a blog! But to us, Yolanda is much more. This is our baby. We cultivated this from the ground up with zero external support or promotion.

We’re not sure how we can repay you the gift of your time, but someday we hope to find a way. And if you’d like to chat, please do drop us a line. We always love to gab with readers, so don’t be shy.

Life is great. And we only get one shot at it, kids. We’re privileged to be living our best life doing what we love — and with a fantastic team to aid us! That’s nothing short of a blessing.

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  1. R Radziwill says: Reply

    WHAT?! I can’t believe this blog is over! :'(

    But major huge CONGRATULATIONS on your success!!! I will continue following. Don’t forget about the little people even though youre a rockstar.

    A very veteran reader, new commenter

    1. I’m sad for myself but happy for Yolanda! 😭👍🙌

  2. Don't call me Shirley says: Reply

    Yolanda the corporate mogul. Love it!

    1. Its been great fun to read your columns. U R so funny n such an encyclopedia of real estate news. Amazing job. Congratulations!!! Wishing U even greater success in future. Very happy for U! 🌟👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🌟🌟🌟🌈☀️⭐️🌟⭐️

  3. Well done! Congratulations on the partnership. You earned and looking forward to your next chapter

  4. Congrats. We can tell how much work you’ve put into the blog, and I’m happy it has paid off for you.

  5. You go girl! 👍🏻
    Let your shine show!

    1. WestCoast Betty says: Reply

      Geeze, I just found your blog! Sad to see it go but wishing you tremendous success in the future.

  6. Matt Amico says: Reply

    Congratulations, I’ll miss this format but looking forward to your new endeavors!

  7. Neil M. Dunn says: Reply

    I only found your blog about a month ago and consider myself very fortunate-your writing style, info with those tasty bits and side tours, pictures are so informative and entertaining. I can’t wait to see your next post and be a small part of your expanding, big and positive venture. Thanks much.

  8. Congratulations! Mazel Tov! Parabéns! Gratulerer! Felicdades!

  9. Oh my gosh, I knew this day would come. I’ve been following your blog since the beginning. It always puts a smile on my face. Will follow your next venture wherever you take it! Huge congrats.

  10. AMC Gremlin says: Reply



  12. Yolanda Rock on!!!!

  13. Baby, you earned that shit!! Your talent is undeniable!!

  14. Velo Mitrovich says: Reply

    I’ve started reading you after a mention in LA Times and while the LA Times will not longer let us transplanted Californians living on foreign shores subscribe, you’ve never let me down and continue to give me my Southern Cal fix.
    In the UK I write about the beer industry – tough job but somebody has to – and the amount of times I’ve heard the cry of ‘sell-out’. What a bunch of BS. I was talking to Logan Plant, owner of Beavertown Brewery (and son of Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin fame) why he took a £40 million offer from Heineken’s for 35% of Beavertown. Logan told me he could plod along and maybe in 40 years he would have saved enough for his brewery plans, or he could take the money now and build his dream brewery today. As Logan said, it was a no-brainer and as it should be for you as well. Good luck and please, please pretty-please keep the blog going. Thank you for all the smiles you’ve given me and your blog on those who bribed their kids into USC – FUCKING brilliant.

  15. Seriously disappointed. This WAS the one place we could come for a fair unbiased opinion and the real tea on RE. You may be a rich sellout now but you’re still a sellout. You will be nothing more than a puppet like the WSJ and LAT shilling “stories” paid for by realtors. If that’s what you want then best of luck. Hope your millions keep you warm at night.

    You make fun of the Kardashians but you’re just as insincere and money hungry as them. No shock that you’re also Armenian. I’m sorry but your a total joke, and you just lost a fan.

    1. LMAO. What a ridiculously unnecessary, overdramatic self-centered comment. 🙄🙄🙄

      1. You’re comment is the one unnecessary. I don’t begrudge Yolandas success if you equate money with success. I’m just pointing out that this American greed is ruining your country.

        1. Yolanda never asked for donations or paid subscriptions. You’ve gotten so much free content! Why should she remain stagnant for you, when you don’t pay her bills? Grow up.

    2. Silly comment. Yolanda doesn’t work for you. And what does race have to do with anything? How do you even know that? Time for your morning Xanax

      1. Armenian isn’t a race you idiot.

        1. OK, but there was still no reason to mention it. Just here for your morning troll?

    3. Josh from Australia says: Reply

      Bye, Felicia…

      Good luck finding anything out there that’s a quarter as good as this blog Merenda.

  16. Matt Moyer says: Reply

    OMG, I don’t believe it. Just found your site and now you’re gone! In all truth surprised, in this extremely litigious age, any one could could survive independently. Here’s hoping your irreverence remains the same under a corporate umbrella – Wishing you all the best and contuned success….

  17. Congratulations. Happy for your success.

  18. I found your blog through the Cynthia Beck story and have barely read anything else since. Your new partnership is so exciting. GO Yolanda!!! Long may you write with deft wit, scathing intellect and lots of class.

  19. Fucking fantastic. Like someone said, I’ll miss this format but am glad your work will remain the same. You’ve got an army of supporters who will follow you wherever you go. Omar

  20. Yolanda,
    Does that mean no more Little Black book emails?? As much as I wish you well – and hope you get money, prestige, back-up, help, and much more – I do hope I’m able to continue following you..

    Anything you need to know about London, UK – just shout. (I’m a Property Finder) Recently due to Brexit very few are buying…so I’ve mainly been doing rentals – and no one of any great importance etc.

    Only best, best wishes –

    Lindy McManus

    1. Yolanda Yakketyyak says: Reply

      All subscribers will continue receiving our emails, even after the transition.

      Thank you, Lindy! 🙂

  21. There are Belgians Everywhere says: Reply

    Congratulations! Are Dr. Cooter, Linda & Beverly coming too? When you wrote about my home it was such an honor that you liked it! It felt as if you liked me.

    1. Sandpiper says: Reply

      Yes I do hope the long-bodied bitches will be tagging along! 🤣

  22. Macro Micro Maestro says: Reply

    ” Mr and Mrs Yaketyyak “!!!!


    Never lose your sense of humor and you’ll go far, kid.

  23. Pollyanna says: Reply

    Bbbbut Wait!!!! What about me???(los angeles reader) how will I find out which of
    My ex trainers has married a billionaire and where they live??? This is just WRONG!

  24. Kathryn McCarthy says: Reply

    Loved reading your blog over the last couple of years and wish you luck in your next endeavor. I recognize the research and detail present in your postings and appropriate placement of links – this is what kept your audience engaged. I trust that this new opportunity will give you a little “down time” to enjoy life and still participate in your passion for writing about real estate.

  25. Leslie Watkins says: Reply

    Good for you, congratulations!!!

  26. Brentwood EXile says: Reply

    Awesome. Just know that the Westside has hella love for you.

    -Originally from SF, now Brentwood Exile

  27. Congratulations and Continued Success! You deserve it for a most informative, incisive and unique commentary on LA and beyond real estate news… Thank you for putting a smile on my face with your hilariously funny and witty candor?

  28. Yolanda!! I have been a reader since day one! So excited for your next stage!!

  29. Mari Machado says: Reply

    What a beautiful song choice. Made me cry. I also cried while reading this. (I’m a big crier, if you can’t tell)

  30. A long time reader here, and remember the MANY times Yolanda was quoted by Your Mama, back in the day. I ask only this: please don’t lose your voice in your new role. When Mama went to Variety, Mamas voice became less and less apparent. I also chose to obsessively check Yolanda’s site because of the exhaustive research—clearly done by someone who loves the story as much as I do. Many many congrats on the next steps, but please remember what made Yolanda so popular in the first place.

    1. JoeTheLion says: Reply

      Totally agree with you. I highly suspect Your Mama is written by someone else. I hope that doesn’t happen with this new endeavor.

      1. Rabbi Hedda LaCasa says: Reply

        Yasher koach, Strength to you, Yolanda. Your Little Black Book has given me enormous pleasure, and I look forward to reading your real estate insights in your new venue. May you enjoy success after success in your future.


  31. Erin Cordray says: Reply

    Have so enjoyed ALL of your posts! I’ve always loved real estate…used to drive to Bel Air as a teenager every Sunday with my best friend to check out all the mansions!
    Congratulations on your new partnership endeavor! Fantastic news! Since I’ve relocated to Southern Oregon, it’s been great to get your emails and get the scoop on LA houses still! I only get the Hollywood Reporter now, not Variety but look forward to seeing it online with Dirt.
    GOOD LUCK!!!!

  32. Hank Plante says: Reply

    I am a lifelong mainstream journalist (print & TV) with six Emmy Awards and a Peabody. Yours is one of the only “must read” sites in my daily inbox. You get where journalism of all kinds is going and you do all aspects of it so well: the difficult news gathering, the lighthearted writing and the site presentation. I look forward to your next bold move.
    Best Wishes.

  33. Brandon G says: Reply


    I truly enjoy your site and visit multiple times per day., so much so that I recently got my real estate license here in LA and hope to venture into high end real estate. I will certainly follow you on your new platform and can’t wait to see what the future of your brand brings.

  34. Congrats! Looking forward to seeing and reading your next iteration. Rock on, Yo!


  36. And ‘Yolanda’ is one of the nicest and humblest people you will ever meet.

  37. Dana Dubovsky says: Reply

    I think what you’ve done and what you will continue to do is amazing! Your wit and concise descriptions keep me coming back to see what’s next. Congratulations on the deal.

  38. NeNe_CaTiNi says: Reply

    A bit sad to read but also very happy for Yolanda’s new venture.

    Please stay true to Yolanda a bit more than the RealEstalker. I know Your Mama is your friend… and I still peruse her postings but much of who Your Mama was, went byebye when she joined Variety.

  39. Imisstherainsdowninmalibu says: Reply

    The whole family sends their congrats. You have five lifetime subscribers here. ;D

  40. Albert’s Mom says: Reply

    Congrats!!! Now you’ll be able to get one of those houses ‘behind the gates!’

    Always love the biting sarcasm & wit. Keep it coming.
    One day I’ll be able to drive through the estates. For now, I’ll live through you.
    Well done, YY

  41. Lisa Laughlin says: Reply

    Dear Yolanda,
    Good morning!
    I just read your most recent last post below and I want to wish you Congratulations!
    Way to go!
    I am so proud of you and happy for you!
    I realize all the amazing amount of time, effort, energy and passion you have for your blog and you are doing a fantastic job!
    I can’t believe that you are now with this new venture – that’s amazing!
    Wishing you continued success and happiness with your new venture.

  42. Very excited and supportive of your growth. I’m a long time reader and have seen your work go from strength to strength. See you on the next blog! (Any idea of a timeline to see it live?) Sending you lots of luck and love from the UK.

  43. This is such a great blog. Big Congrats but it truly is an ERA that has ended.

  44. Your thoughts and personality keep us sane, here in LA LA Land. As an architectural and historical residential appraiser, I find your work indispensable, and I forward it to my sister, doing the same thing in Aspen Colorado. Congrats!

  45. Congrats, keep on keeping on!

  46. Sandy Santa Monica says: Reply

    Looking forward to your daily selfies with Nikki Finke!

    1. Sandy Santa Monica says: Reply

      Yolanda and Brolanda together at last! 😂 Fancy that…

    2. Sandy Santa Monica says: Reply

      You and he have very complimentary styles. You have to think, with the tsunami of content needed to fill all these new streaming services, and how hot Real Estate Reality is……we may meet yet! 😂

    3. Sandy Santa Monica says: Reply

      You and Mark David I mean 😇. Not Nikki.

      1. World's Moistest Jheri Curl says: Reply

        its been real.

        1. Sandy Santa Monica says: Reply

          Back atcha!

    4. ERay in Weho says: Reply

      Hahaha, I think Nikki was put out to pasture long ago, almost certain she is no longer part of the PMC fam

      1. Sandy Santa Monica says: Reply

        2013. But the bitterness lives on! 😁

  47. Congratulations! What a great business opportunity – onwards & upwards. I’ve been reading your blog from Australia and I love it.

  48. Yolanda I am devastated. I adore this site and your writing. I can only hope you’re able to write in the same voice on your new venture and nothing much will change-there are still so many crazy rich people and homes to gab about. Congrats on upgrading though, you deserve it all

  49. Terry McLaughlin says: Reply

    Good luck in your future….👍

  50. Nooooo, MARK my words, you will get tired of the hassle of working with editors and the demands of the daily grind.

    But, I digress, congratulations are in order, and you have them.

  51. 🥂

  52. Hooper Real Estate says: Reply

    Congratulations Yolanda You Rock! From the first time I saw your pretty face, I have enjoyed reading your POV’s.

  53. Josh from Australia says: Reply

    Yolanda, I’m obsessed with this blog and absolutely love receiving the new post emails. Congratulations on your ongoing success and ‘here’s to you’. I imagine your collective of ex husbands are rubbing their hands gleefully at the wave of alimony coming their way!!

    Keep up the great work!

  54. Pam Weiland says: Reply

    Congrats Gurl! I moved over to your blog once Your Mama hightailed it over to Variety. Your wit and exhaustive research has provided endless entertainment to this west coast wannabe. Good luck and I thank you for this wonderful blog !

  55. Faye Dunaslay says: Reply

    Oh Yolanda, I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am for your success! So sad to say goodbye to this blog, as checking it every morning over a scalding cup of spiked tea has become a ritual of mine, but I will follow your knowledgeable and witty ass anywhere. Can’t wait for your new venture – and please let ol’ Faye know if you ever require a tipster for the Sydney market! 😉 x

  56. RealEStateT says: Reply

    Congrats! I love your blog…and appear to have the same love of high-end real estate as you do. It’s so cool to hear someone(s) take a passion and turn it into a career. Good luck and I look forward to the next phase…and I can’t wait to get your next blog post!

  57. harry Verderci says: Reply

    Damn this sucks. My psychic just told me i’m going to win the lottery and buy a $20 million beach house and Yolanda wont be around to tell everyone.

  58. This is wonderful news. I always go back and read favorite entries from your blog when I am about to do some writing for my job – just to have something sassy, smart and charming in my ear. Congratulations and best of luck.

  59. But your a guy right?

  60. Congratulations! I always looked forward to your emails and can’t wait to see what new things will come our way. Your writing always puts a smile on my face. I’m so happy for you! Thank you!!!!

  61. Having read your inspired story, I’m feeling The Jefferson’s theme song… or maybe just a revised hook.
    Took a whole lotta tryin’
    Just to get up that hill.
    Now you’re up in the big leagues
    Gettin’ your turn at bat.
    As long as you live, it’s real estate baby
    There ain’t nothin wrong with that.
    — Congrats on the next step in your journey!

  62. ERay in Weho says: Reply

    Soooooo bittersweet, I faithfully followed Your Mama back in the day and was thrilled when I discovered our beloved Yolanda and looked forward to every tantalizing tidbit of real estate porn! 😋 I’m thrilled for this next chapter and recognize your need to evolve and have some help on the back-end 😉 And I’m thinking that the full blown Dirt.com could be hugh successe and you can over real estate porn all around the globe! Best of luck Yolanda, we’ll all be cheering from the canyons, sidewalks and mountain tops 😘

  63. Hey Yolanda, greetings from England! I only discovered your blog about a year ago but I absolutely love it! Congratulations on your big news, I look forward to seeing your new venture grow!! ❤️

  64. Congratulations Yolanda. So inspired and proud of you for turning your passion into a business, and I loved your last post here. I’m actually born and raised here in the land of La-La, and have seen what’s behind a gate or two myself, but never given the opportunity to get behind a few others. Thank you for all of your tireless work and love , you taught or inspired a few of us in multidisplinaries with such ease style, grace and your own sass/zeal . I too look forward to your next endeavor and will happily look for your email when Dirt.com starts. I raise a glass to you and quote Less Brown or Jill Scott, let those haters be your motivators, the show don’t stop. Won’t stop! Cheers

  65. The Boozy Floozy says: Reply

    Dearest Yolanda,
    I typically subscribe to the Gore Vidal school of thought (every time a friend succeeds, a little something in me dies), but this is a rare exception.

    Your blog is my favourite guilty pleasure, and its the first thing I pull up in the morning. Although I’m a bit sad it’s over, I can’t wait to see what you’ve got cooking.

    Congratulations and thank you,
    Sardonic Sally in London

    PS – Please give my love to Mama, Dr. Cooter, and the long-bodied bitches Linda and Beverly.

  66. Hi. I jumped into this blog on 26 of February curious to get a look at Daniel Ricciardo’s new home in Beverly Hills and I’ve been amazed by the fresh air and Sun light I got by your blog so I subscribed to your Yolanda’s blog. Your new step is a premium of your efforts, ability and patience and of your fresh and youth-like style you use to describe the estates often described by some people interested only in money. Please, accept my congratulations from the deep of my heart and let me be proud to have given my preference to your blog (that I didn’t know was so famous and ready to become greater) since I read your blog for my first time. Sauro from Italy.

    1. Two of my favourite writers in the same place. The world will enjoy more digressions!

  67. Bravo

  68. Yolanda lives! says: Reply

    Oh Yolanda!

    Have enjoyed your writing style and content in equal measure since Day One.
    Am thrilled you get to go big, and go home in what could only be, corporate your way. Better still, with your voice. That is definitely testimony of a typical, Yolanda, smart result. I will now claim to know you, Yolanda, because yes, I am *that* kind of girl. But I n all seriousness, Yolanda, your voice, changed a large corporate entity to reflect your vision. So enjoy your seat at the conference table, dear one. And do let us know if they need to upgrade the china tea cups.

  69. Yolanda has officially lost her voice.. This is a sad day in the real estate industry.

  70. I would love to do what you do for the Houston market! Please reach out if there’s an opportunity to do so!

  71. Congratulations!
    Thank you for your excellent coverage of
    Luxury Los Angeles real estate and interior design.
    We look forward to reading and seeing more
    At your new venture!

    Thank you, Yolanda! We appreciate you!
    Lisa Merkle Design, Los Angeles

  72. Somehow someway, please cover the 1,000 gun pileup in Bel Air and the connection to Getty.

  73. I agree ,it has bombshell potentiality

  74. Dang! I just found this today!

  75. Phew… From the title I feared you would stop. Way to go!

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