Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey buys Raven Lyn a multi-million dollar starter house

A few days ago, good ol’ Vlad the Revealer queried Yolanda about who bought an eye-catching contemporary located way high up in the Hollywood Hills, on a quiet street just off iconic Mulholland Drive. Interestingly, records reveal the property was acquired by a mysteriously-named entity set up by a prominent Silicon Valley-based lady lawyer famous for having a very well-heeled clientele, including many of the richest people in tech.

Some of Ms. Lawyer’s clients include Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs’ widow Laurene, Google’s Sergey and Larry Brin, and Riot Games co-founder Brandon Beck. And that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. So naturally Yolanda’s curiosity was piqued.

Well, a wee bit of research reveals — much to our surprise — that the brand-new contemporary home’s proud new owner is actually a 23-year-old model named Raven Lyn Corneil.

Raven Lyn

Young Miss Corneil was raised in Minneapolis and comes from a multi-ethnic background — she’s Native American, black, Irish and Puerto Rican. Several years ago she moved to LA and quickly took the modeling world by storm: she recently landed a coveted spot as a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, just for starters. Here’s a video of her rookie photoshoot debut, if anyone is interested.

Miss Corneil has also been in Vogue and done campaigns for Calvin Klein and Puma XO. But when she’s not busy with photoshoots, she trundles around town in her $150,000 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG and shows off her new home and dizzying collection of luxury goods to Coveteur.

Miss Lyn

Y’all might be wondering where Miss Corneil gets the moolah to pay cash for a $4,225,000 house, plus all her other accessories. And Yolanda is here to serve. See, there’s this guy named Jack Dorsey. He co-founded both Square and Twitter and currently serves as CEO of both companies. Forbes claims Mr. Dorsey is worth $4.1 billion, making him one of the wealthiest folks in Silicon Valley.

Now in his early 40s, Mr. Dorsey has never been married and has no children. He’s also notoriously private — some might even say secretive –about his love life, so naturally the society gossip crowd fainted dead away last September (2018) when he showed up to New York Fashion Week with none other than Miss Corneil on his arm. Well, fan Yolanda’s brow!

Then, just a few days ago, the pair took a romantic Caribbean holiday together. Ah, those crazy lovebirds.

Raven Lyn & Jack Dorsey

We know some of y’all naysayers are scratching your heads, wondering what a model in her early 20s and a tech bazillionaire in his 40s have in common. But it’s worth noting that Mr. Dorsey worked as a fashion model himself prior to founding Twitter. Perhaps he and his lady-love share posing tips and such?

But anywho, Yolanda congratulates the happy couple on their new Hollywood Hills lovenest. The house was purchased for Miss Corneil while Mr. Dorsey continues to reside at his $10 million San Francisco pad, although we imagine he occasionally drops by to play paddy-cake. So to speak. But who knows, right?

Spec-built in 2017 by a local developer, the glassy residence is situated on a .22-acre corner lot with views over a large swath of the San Fernando Valley. There are 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms in a roomy (but not huge) 3,730-square-feet of living space.

Called the Skywin Residence, the home was designed by ANDStudio and features a “reverse floorplan” as the listing terms it. Yolanda gathers that means that most of the home’s bedrooms/living quarters are located on the lower level, while the public rooms and entertainment spaces are upstairs.

A short stairway leads past the two-car garage (perfect for Miss Corneil’s G-Wagen) to the break-in resistant Oikos security front door — behind which is a long corridor and a loft-like staircase.

Naturally there’s also a high-end security system with multiple cameras, alarms and probably a laser grid to zap any fool who dares to come within 50 feet of the property.

All three of the home’s guest/family bedrooms are located on the first floor, and there’s also an office space immediately to the left of the entryway that could be converted into a fifth bedroom. At the rear of the lower level is a games room with foosball table and big floppy couch.

Miss Corneil will no doubt appreciate the convenient open-concept space with the kitchen, living and dining rooms all combined into one. There are high-end Miele and Subzero appliances, exotic-looking wood cabinetry, and bar-style seating for casual dining.

Disappearing Fleetwood walls of glass lead from the indoor space to the expansive outdoor deck, with its various seating/dining options and full outdoor kitchen. A flight of stairs carries one down to the pool/spa combo (and wee patch of grass) on the lower level.

Also on the upper level is the home’s master suite. The bedroom has walls of glass overlooking Studio City, the walk-in closet can easily accommodate Miss Corneil’s designer wardrobe, and the bathroom has dual vanities plus a soaking tub and glass-enclosed shower.

Should our gurl deign to throw a friendly neighborhood BBQ at her new digs, the invite list would likely include producer Sam Maydew, Glee actor Chris Colfer and Modern Family actress Julie Bowen.

The happy couple

Take heed of Miss Corneil, y’all real estate watchers. She may be very young, but the lady is loaded. And her story is only just beginning. Yolanda imagines that if she maintains her relationship for a couple more years, she’ll have earned that upgrade to an eight-figure pad in the Bird Streets or even Bel Air.

As they say, the sky’s the limit — so watch Raven soar.

Listing agent: Brian Ades, Sotheby’s International Realty
Raven Lyn’s agent: Ben Belack, The Agency

21 Replies to “Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey buys Raven Lyn a multi-million dollar starter house”

  1. Sandy Santa Monica says: Reply

    ModelMayhem account: Jack Flash

    1. SUSANBLACK says: Reply


      1. True but he just smells creepy so yeah IT TAKES A HOUSE that seems fair

      2. No he can’t. Take a closer look at him. He’s a creepy old guy. Strikes me as a sex addict. It’s obvious that they are with each other for all the wrong and opportunistic reasons. Bet it won’t last.

  2. Leon Fregoso says: Reply

    Dating a few months and already a mansion and a car? She has him whipped!

    1. Maybe, but with his type of money those things are chump change.

  3. That’s my dream kitchen and a dream hiking location next to Fryman Canyon. Beautiful. Lucky lady.

  4. I would transition if jack would buy me a house ….But I don’t think I’d make a very pretty girl

  5. It’s a good modern with a logical floor plan and nice view. I’m not familiar with this area but compared to other homes on this site, it looks like a steal.

    He is with her for her looks, she is with him for hi$ per$onality. Everybody wins

  6. lucky gal living the dream. young beautiful and “dating” a billionaire. good on you raven, milk it as much as you can!

  7. CONFUCIUS says: Reply

    Confucius say: all work and no play made Jack a dull boy.

  8. Blind gossip says Jack Dorsey pays Raven Lyn $200K a month to be his “girlfriend”. Hahahah

    1. How do you claim a $200k a month prostitution “salary” on a 1040 tax return? JD’s got it made. He should pay all the prostitutes in the US $200K a month.

      1. Brilliant and on point.

  9. This is great news. I heard Jack Dorsey is marrying Raven Corniel in 2019. Cheers to their pretty mulatto babies xoxo

  10. I believe in miracles!,….. you sexy thing!

  11. Nice Blog.

  12. Daddy issues collides with mid life crisis. He’s with her for her “youth, looks and sex” and she’s with him for “people, places, things and money.” What a desprate and trashy couple. SMH.

    1. Everyone in the industry knows Jack Dorsey is gay. He’s not with her for the sex, he’s with her because he doesn’t want his boyfriend to go to the tabloids and expose him. He’s been gay since 2012. Raven Corneil’s another dancer that’s probably going to lose all her money in the next year.

    2. Jack Dorsey is gay. He came out to everyone in the industry in 2012. He has to hide like a little girl behind his beard because his boyfriend wants to come out openly to the tabloids. Everyone knows – it’s public news. We saw his boyfriend Travis and Jack in a gay club in San Francisco in Dec 2015.

  13. A classic love story of a pimp and his ho. Sex and money. It must be true love! $$$

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