Bruce Halle’s Montecito villa lists at massive loss

Less than three years ago, in May 2016, a brand-new contemporary mansion atop a majestic Montecito mountaintop sold for $16 million amid multiple offers. The winning bidders were bazillionaire Arizona-based entrepreneur Bruce Halle and his longtime wife Diane Cummings Halle, an heiress to the Sara Lee food corporation. Here’s a peek at how the property […]

Anthony Hopkins spends millions on the house next door

As he elegantly glides into his sunset years, Oscar-winning actor Sir Anthony Hopkins remains determined to show these young hooligans how it’s done. The still-hardworking 81-year-old (catch him on Westworld!) now boasts a nonstop career spanning nearly six full decades. And he’s schooling young’uns on the property front, too. After all, life could end at […]