Entrepreneur Dwayne Clark drops $18 million in Carpinteria

Although far less flashy, Carpinteria’s Padaro Lane is to Santa Barbara essentially what Malibu’s Carbon Beach is to LA. At least in terms of residents. It’s an oceanfront stretch of sand where hordes of billionaire (and near-billionaire) folks congregate, many of whom are famous. Numerous big-name entrepreneur and showbiz homeowners own on Padaro — Ellen […]

Kris & Kylie Jenner show off their designer-done digs

Since it’s the weekend, the cat’s away and the mice (Yolanda) want to play. So how about something a wee bit offbeat? Don’t fret, our regularly scheduled programming will return shortly. We know many of our snootier readers dislike the Kardashians and deride them as being famous (and famously rich) for absolutely nothing. “No talent!!!” […]

Google’s Jen Fitzpatrick drops $10 million on Carpinteria’s Sand Point

It’s a sunny Friday — a perfect time to hit the beach. Let’s eschew the typical Malibu haunts and head over to Carpinteria’s Sand Point Road, way up in beautiful Santa Barbara County. For y’all newbies, Carpinteria is a quaint little oceanside town located just southeast of the much ritzier Montecito neighborhood. Sand Point Road […]

Pasadena’s record-breaking Arden Villa lists at a massive loss

The city of Pasadena, located in LA’s oft-overlooked San Gabriel Valley, is renowned for its old-world charm, the annual Tournament of Roses, and the area’s historic architecture — particularly that of homes in the southernmost part of the city. Down yonder, below the bustling 210 freeway, the tree-dotted streets are broad and the lots exceptionally […]

Linda Johnson Rice lists dramatic compound in Palm Springs’ Southridge

Since last week’s story about the huge $9 million Palm Springs transaction proved unexpectedly popular, Yolanda thought we’d make the trek back out to one of our favorite local vacation destinations today. Perhaps something else worthy of a quick chat lies out yonder. Lo and behold, something quite interesting does indeed lurk in Southridge, a […]

Robert F. Smith drops $18 million on Malibu’s Carbon Beach

No other LA neighborhood is better-known for its concentration of billionaire homeowners than Malibu’s Carbon Beach — so much so that this strip of land between the PCH and the ocean is often simply (and perhaps unimaginatively) called “Billionaires’ Beach“. Thus, when a property on the Carbon sand recently sold for $18,700,000 (in cash), we […]