Elon Musk lists mid-century modern above Brentwood’s Mandeville Canyon

Yolanda didn’t intend to embark on an Elon Musk storytime rampage today, but sometimes these things just happen. (P.S. — we’re also working to improve the gallery images/slideshow issue.) Mere hours ago, we discussed Mr. Musk — the founder/co-founder of PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla and the Boring Company — and his latest ride on the residential […]

Ellen DeGeneres takes a $27 million trip to Bali by way of Montecito

As we’ve previously discussed on several (many) occasions, Ellen DeGeneres has apparently made it her life’s mission to keep real estate agents in the black — and to own every fancy property from San Pedro to Santa Barbara. You see, our Ms. DeGeneres has an unrequited, well-documented, bonafide real estate obsession. It’s true. Yolanda knows […]

Coldplay’s Phil Harvey dumps $15 million in Brentwood Park

Family-friendly yet outrageously expensive Brentwood Park continues to prove itself as one of LA’s most coveted neighborhoods. Though the high-end market is soft at the moment, prices in that wee pocket are on an infinite upswing, or so it would seem. Take today’s home. Spec-built in 2010 by developer Paul Morrow and designed by accomplished […]

It’s official… Simon Fuller asks $35 million in Bel Air

Thanks to Mama at Variety, Yolanda has learned that mega-loaded American Idol creator Simon Fuller has finally tossed his renovated Bel Air estate onto the MLS with a fat-cats-only $35,000,000 pricetag. As we reported last October (2018), Mr. Fuller had been privately shopping the palatial estate around for months — as a $37.5 million pocket […]