Holly Madison forks out $8.7 million for some Windsor Square history

It’s been awhile since we’ve written about a house in the historic Hancock Park/Windsor Square neighborhood of Los Angeles. That’s poor taste on our part because the mansions there are some of the most beautiful in the city. Think grand old dames chock-full of style, memories, and ghosts of the party days of yore. Windsor […]

Todd Blue drops millions on Malibu’s fanciest garage

Sometimes you never know what’s lurking behind a gate. A boon of being well-to-do is that one can afford to indulge one’s passions in ways mere financial mortals cannot. That’s part of why we enjoy writing about high-end real estate — every custom-built property tells a unique, occasionally offbeat story about the personalities and quirks […]

Sam Worthington ponies up nearly $8 million in the Bird Streets

Some time ago, we received an email from a reader. Let’s call this reader Amy because, well, that’s her name. Anyway, Amy wanted to know more information about a rather fetching house set in the Hollywood foothills, conveniently just above the ever-trendy Sunset Strip. This house was celebrity-owned and recently sold for nearly $8 million […]