Producer Doug Jordan drops $6.5 million cash in Encino

Perhaps the city of LA’s biggest neighborhood luxury come-up in recent years has been the San Fernando Valley enclave of Encino, where the advent of celebrity buyers and numerous spec-builders has suddenly caused an astronomical price spike. For reference, take this nearly 10,000-square-foot mansion located in a desirable south-of-Ventura Boulevard neighborhood. Originally built in 1998, […]

The old Cher/Eddie Murphy estate returns to the market… asking $68 million

Last year, amid a torrid rash of publicity, the onetime Beverly Hills (Post Office) estate of both Cher and Eddie Murphy exploded onto the market with a fat $85 million asking price. Although that buzz certainly generated interest among the well-heeled jetset who can afford to write a nearly nine-figure check, the palatial spread did not sell. […]

Netflix’s Ted Sarandos pays Ellen DeGeneres $34 million in Montecito

More than six months after disastrous fires and mudslides killed 21 people and wreaked havoc on Montecito‘s economy, rebuilding efforts continue. And the roughly 9,000 residents of the elite seaside community have banded together to support local vendors and better prepare neighbors for future catastrophic events. As they say, sometimes it takes a disaster to remind us […]

“The Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman drops $7 million on an Encino compound

EDIT: Home pictures removed at the Kirkmans’ request. The beauty of LA — at least from Yolanda’s perspective — is that folks here earn their money in so many different ways. And they come from such diverse backgrounds, too! Almost nobody y’all meet these days was born and raised around here. These people come hail […]

French comedian Dany Boon sells for $13 million to Kaily Smith & Adam Westbrook

“The market has peaked,” they said. “Another recession is looming,” they said. While rising interest rates and stagnant demand have indeed caused prices to plateau in some areas of Los Angeles, other places — particularly those highly exclusive sections of town where the rich folks dwell — continue to see home sale prices surge to […]