“Game of Thrones” co-creator D.B. Weiss lays out $9 million in Hancock Park

As Yolanda has said before, we have never watched that bizarrely popular HBO montage of nudity, violence and swear words that is Game of Thrones. And we very likely never will. But although we publicly roll our beautiful eyes and purse our luscious lips whenever a friend mentions that silly show, we do recognize its immense impact […]

Johnson & Johnson heiress Jaime Johnson buys a Nichols Canyon compound

Today Yolanda thought we would take things in a slightly different direction with this one. Instead of blabbin’ about some immodest sprawling palace on the Westside, let’s keep it more casual with a quietly lovely compound hidden in the hills above Hollywood. Built in 1948, this .37-acre gated spread is invisible from the street out […]