Entrepreneur Kirk Lazarus shocks with a $31 million Santa Monica mansion purchase

There is a very large mansion on a Santa Monica hilltop that dwarfs pretty much everything in the surrounding area. Built on spec by controversial (yet highly successful) “starchitect” Richard Landry, the structure was commissioned by a prominent developer and listed with considerable fanfare in early 2013. The asking price? An eye-watering $35 million. Unfortunately […]

Talent manager Bernie Cahill drops $5 million next door to Robert Herjavec

Yolanda apologizes for being AWOL the past couple days. You see, we were chompin’ away at a big plate of our gurl Martha’s famous (and Snoop Dogg-endorsed) bacon-cheddar grits on Saturday when we wondered why they tasted like asphalt! And then we realized all our teeth were gone. Yes, Martha’s grits knocked our socks off and […]

Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec pays Shaun White $6.7 million for his Hollywood Hills hideaway

Every neighborhood in LA (or most anywhere, for the matter) has a unique flavor. And Hollywood Hills’ Outpost Estates area is known primarily for its romantic Spanish and Mediterranean housing stock, much of which dates to the 1920s. It is also famous — or at least famous to Yolanda — for its proliferation of mature […]

Haircare heiress Michaeline DeJoria dishes out $11 million in Malibu’s Serra Retreat

Hey y’all, Yolanda had a long and stressful day shopping so instead of doing our usual blah blah blah crap we are gonna keep this short and super sweet for our sanity’s sake. Don’t complain, you ungrateful bitches. Just kidding! Yolanda loves anyone who deigns to read our stupid blog. Aw shucks. A couple months […]

Kendall Jenner top-secretly lays down $8.5 million for a celebrified house in star-studded Mulholland Estates

Though some snarky folks have opined that she has all the personality of a Maytag washing machine, Yolanda finds Kendall Jenner to be the most interesting member of the Kardashians. We care about the real estate, after all, and though she’s not as rich as her little sister Kylie, the Ferrari-owning elder Miss Jenner is the only […]

Kylie Jenner coughs up $5 million cash for the vacant lot next door

Now that the Kardashians are richer than even most A-list celebrities, they have kicked their little-people habit of buying homes in the $3 to $5 million range. That sort of spending is for the poors! It’s now mega-mansion compound building time, y’all. Take little Miss Pregnant Kylie Jenner. Though the budding makeup mogul just recently […]

Mauricio Umansky & Kyle Richards buy an $8.2 million piece of Encino history

Encino, located in the San Fernando Valley and long the red-headed stepchild in LA’s family of luxury real estate neighborhoods, has lately been coming in to its own. We’ve seen a big spat of expensive sales of new spec-mansions bought by an increasing number of wealthy celebrities who are gladly forgoing the Westside, drawn in […]

Russian oligarch Sergei Sarkisov spends $16 million on the mansion next door

Though they come from wildly divergent walks of life, one common denominator unites just about all of Earth’s billionaires (in addition to the hefty bank accounts): they love themselves a luxury compound. Keeping this in mind, when we noticed that a large but dated mansion in prime Beverly Hills recently sold for a fat $16,200,000, […]

Ellen DeGeneres quietly pays $18.6 million for a slice of Carpinteria’s Padaro Lane

Oh Lawdy, she’s at it again. Perennially nomadic and Porsche-driving showbiz stalwart Ellen DeGeneres has just dropped the big bucks on yet another swanky new pad. Before we begin, we must give credit for this story to our longtime friend/tipster Barbara Bane, who is based in Santa Barbara. Ms. DeGeneres — arguably the most voracious […]