Entrepreneur Kirk Lazarus shocks with a $31 million Santa Monica mansion purchase

There is a very large mansion on a Santa Monica hilltop that dwarfs pretty much everything in the surrounding area. Built on spec by controversial (yet highly successful) “starchitect” Richard Landry, the structure was commissioned by a prominent developer and listed with considerable fanfare in early 2013. The asking price? An eye-watering $35 million. Unfortunately […]

Kendall Jenner top-secretly lays down $8.5 million for a celebrified house in star-studded Mulholland Estates

Though some snarky folks have opined that she has all the personality of a Maytag washing machine, Yolanda finds Kendall Jenner to be the most interesting member of the Kardashians. We care about the real estate, after all, and though she’s not as rich as her little sister Kylie, the Ferrari-owning elder Miss Jenner is the only […]