The notorious “Bradbury Estate” finally sells… for just $24 million

It took nearly six years, but at long last one of LA’s largest and most unabashedly hedonistic estates has sold. The transfer price, records show, was $24,380,000. That’s a huge number, to be certain, but it’s also a sanity defying $54,420,000 less than the $78.8 million ask that original owner/seller Donald Abbey slapped on his modern-day […]

Pictures of Kevin Washington’s $41 million Santa Monica mansion

You’ll recall that late last week, ol’ Yolanda blabbed about a secret (and record-busting) $41,082,000 transaction that went down on a wee dead-end street in the heart of Santa Monica. For a refresher, the house was sold by Modern Family‘s Steven Levitan and/or his ex-wife Krista Levitan (sorry, we aren’t sure who got what in the […]

Ellen Bronfman & Andrew Hauptman slap a $125 million pricetag on their Bel Air masterpiece

Buoyed by the ultra-high-end LA real estate market’s relentless (?) optimism (and that crazy Carter family spending $88 million), some folks are going hog-wild with outlandish prices. As Yolanda first heard from our online BFF Your Mama at Variety magazine, there’s a new $125 million listing coming to market in that blue-blooded bastion of Bel […]

Billionaire heir Kevin Washington pays a record-destroying $41 million for a Modern Family’s Santa Monica mansion

Newsflash: the real estate market is still hot, hot, hot. Particularly in the tony coastal neighborhoods of Los Angeles. But you didn’t need ol’ Yolanda to tell you that, right? A quick peek of property records will present you with some flabbergasting facts. In the past year alone, the sale price records for a single-family […]

“Pretty Little Liars” creator I. Marlene King slams down $5.3 million in Encino

Yesterday, Yolanda discussed a big new $7 million Encino spec-mansion that was very recently sold to an obviously wealthy woman named Cyndi Ruud-Johnson. Well, kiddies, if you love the Valley you’re in luck today. There happens to be another similarly-styled spec-mansion directly next door to Ms. Ruud-Johnson’s new Encino estate. This other house was built […]

Rich lady Cyndi Ruud-Johnson leaves the Palisades to upgrade to… Encino?!

Yolanda recently published a whole testament to how prices in the luxury markets of the San Fernando Valley have skyrocketed. And for more evidence that shows how far the Valley has come, look no further than Encino, once the redheaded stepchild of LA luxury, the butt of everyone’s suburban jokes. Yet look who got the […]

James Jagger snags comedian Grace Helbig’s Silver Lake pad

Here’s another Labor Day quickie for y’all. Some time ago, our friend Vlad the Revealer at Celebrity Address Aerial inquired about this petite mini-compound in the heart of LA’s fully gentrified and hipster-approved Silver Lake neighborhood. The super-compact digs sold for $1,200,000 earlier this year — a fat $211,000 more than the asking price of $989,000 […]

Lizzy Jagger gets herself a $2.5 million love nest in Nichols Canyon

Y’all may recall that a few months back, Yolanda discussed the new $2.7 million Nichols Canyon home of 25-year-old fashion model Georgia May Jagger. Young Ms. Thang purchased the privately-situated property from rock star Anthony Kiedis. Now then! Our Miss Jagger has two older full siblings (Lizzy and James) and one younger brother (Luke). All […]