Wallis Annenberg collects $36 million for her Malibu Colony stunner

A big sale recently went down in the celebrity-soaked Malibu Colony guard-gated community. In fact, the transfer price — a crazy $36,000,000 — means this is the most expensive house ever sold in that enclave, in fact. Let’s discuss, shall we? The multi-billionaire buyer — as has already been correctly identified by our friends over […]

The Skechers family breaks the Manhattan Beach real estate record

Today’s story is gonna be short but oh-so-sweet. Sorry, everyone, but Yolanda has got an early morning appointment at our local LA courthouse. You see, our second ex-husband George has apparently been running his mouth all over town. Talkin’ ’bout some nonsense such as how we “stole” his 32-karat diamond ring and his mother’s diamond-encrusted […]

Hedge funder Dan Lukas drops $7 million on Marilyn Monroe’s Brentwood cottage

Nearly 55 years after her death, O.G. bleach blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe remains a major pop culture icon, her image emblazened on expensive art, her movies still watched, her quotes still plastered across social media by today’s schoolgirls (and schoolboys). Thus, it’s only natural that the only house she ever owned remains steeped in mystique. […]

Indonesian heiress Judith Soeryadjaya lays out $15 million for a Nile Niami confection

In honor of Independence Day, Yolanda decided to venture off the beaten celebrity real estate path. Let’s weave a story web about one of our many international neighbors who came here to experience the opportunities available in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Or, more likely, came here because Beverly […]

Music producer Ryan Lewis spends millions in Studio City’s Fryman Canyon

The Studio City neighborhood of the San Fernando Valley, and more particularly the Fryman Canyon enclave of Studio City, was once thought to be a rather déclassé alternative to 90210 for folks who couldn’t quite muster up the cash to live in that world-famous zip code. But no longer. Home values here have skyrocketed over the past […]