Angelina Jolie goes a little crazy, drops $24.5 million in Los Feliz

We know everyone and their grandmother’s caretaker’s pet cat Rusty and his female feline friend Laquisha have written about this one already, but Yolanda just can’t resist dropping our quick and useless two cents on this unprecedented and quintessentially LA home purchase that involves a major-league celebrity and a big piece of Hollywood history. First, […]

How a $7 million house became a $32 million vacant lot in less than 10 years

NOTE: (Yolanda wanted to write about something a wee bit offbeat today. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming soon, we promise). Close your eyes, think really hard, and you all may recall a simpler time back in the day. It wasn’t so long ago, really. We’re talking back in 2007. Obama hadn’t yet entered the Oval […]