Richard & Laurie Lynn Stark plunk down nearly $40 million on Malibu’s Paradise Cove

For whatever reason, the ultra-high-end real estate market in Malibu has been sizzlin’ hot this year. Normally, kids, we only see maybe one or two sales per year up in that rarefied billionaires-only arena ($30 million+). But there have already been at least five in 2017 — and we ain’t even halfway through! Y’all should already […]

Snapchat co-founder Bobby Murphy spends big in Venice

It’s no secret that the once-gritty but now mostly-gentrified (yet still bohemian!) seaside community of Venice (CA) is exceptionally expensive. Leading the unstoppable price surge has been the rise of Silicon Beach and the hundreds tech companies that have infiltrated the area. Google, YouTube, Buzzfeed, Facebook — all have offices in the area. And then, of […]

Dakota Johnson quietly buys on a notoriously celeb-popular Sunset Strip street

Yolanda’s oft-mentioned friend Vlad the Revealer at the Celebrity Address Aerial frequently challenges us to investigate properties that have indications of being owned by an anonymous celebrity. Not that Yolanda is one to toot her own horn, but it usually doesn’t take us too long to suss out the owner’s identity. Occasionally, however, your gurl gets […]

Real estate baller Shaun White buys his next door neighbor’s house for $11 million

He may be just 30 years old, but professional snowboarder/skateboarder and two-time Olympic gold medalist turned wildly successful entrepreneur Shaun White has money. Serious money. And it seems that hardly a month goes by when he’s not popping up in all the property gossip columns for buying or selling this or that latest residence. By Yolanda’s […]

Anton & Carole Lessine drop $16 million on the Amalfi Rim of the Pacific Palisades Riviera

Well, fiddlesticks. Kids, the real estate market is so hot right now that Yolanda is having real, real trouble deciding what to write about. We’ve got pages of properties stinking up our desk! But that’s a good problem to have, and we aren’t complaining. Only a little bit, maybe. Today we’re going with a tale about […]

Brendan Iribe smashes the Venice record with his $14.6 million purchase

LA has seen a healthy spattering of ultra-high-end sales recently — banner sales like private equity heir Evan Metropoulos’s $65 million Trousdale Estates splurge, Hong Kong billionaire Karen Lo’s $70 million Malibu splash, and the $85 million sale of David Geffen’s Carbon Beach compound to an as-yet-unidentified billionaire businessman. (Side note: Yolanda originally heard that the […]

Los Feliz double whammy part 1: Troian Bellisario and Patrick J. Adams buy a Wallace Neff

Yolanda took a look over our most recent stories and realized we’ve yet again fallen into that trap of too much Westside stuff. But don’t get it twisted! We love Santa Monica, Brentwood, Malibu, all those places. But we’ve had our behind parked in one spot for much too long. So our next couple stories will be […]