Hong Kong billionairess Karen Lo closes on Malibu’s most epic estate at $70 million

Yolanda heard whispers about it before, of course, but — even so — we were still shocked that the whole thing went down so quickly and for such an awe-inspiring amount of money. Property records now reveal that Hong Kong native Ms. Karen Lo did, in fact, acquire Malibu’s gigantic and highly-visible “Lady Malibu” or “Sweetwater […]

Scottish billionaire Sir Tom Hunter gets a modern Craftsman in B.H.P.O. for $38 million

For as jaded as Yolanda has become when it comes to those divorced-from-reality Platinum Triangle real estate sale prices, we gotta say that even we were shocked — nay, flabbergasted — when we caught wind of this latest big ticket sale. Lately these rich folks just seem to have gone from plum crazy to real blasted […]