Bill Gross’s son coughs up $9 million above the Sunset Strip

His father is one of the biggest, baddest real estate ballers around. In particular, daddy dearest is known for his love of exorbitantly-expensive contemporary residences with spectacular views. So perhaps it’s not wholly surprising that the 28-year-old apple clearly does not fall far from the proverbial tree. Nick Gross, you see, has just purchased his […]

“Guardians of the Galaxy” director/screenwriter James Gunn gets a celebrity pedigreed Malibu pad

Some weeks ago, our longtime Romanian friend Vlad the Revealer at the Celebrity Address Aerial website queried Yolanda about the new owner of a gloriously secluded Malibu estate with a long history of celebrity ownership. Records reveal the home was sold last year (2016) for $6,200,000 to a mysterious blind trust. The house, which we’ll […]

The Landslide brings Demi Lovato’s $8 million house down

Yeah yeah, Yolanda is keenly aware that everyone else has already discussed this, but we just can’t resist putting our hard-earned two cents in on poor Demi Lovato’s unfortunate (and dirty!) residential situation. A couple days ago, celebrity gossip juggernaut TMZ reported that Miss Lovato’s $8 million Hollywood Hills house was in danger of falling off a mountain. Literally. […]