Billionaire Simon Nixon drops $25 million on Malibu’s “Billionaires’ Beach”

Everyone who is anyone knows that Carbon Beach, long the ne plus ultra Malibu real estate wet dream, is awash in billionaire residents. So prevalent are they that the mile-long stretch of 76 (or so) uber-prime beachfront homes has long been colloquially labeled “Billionaires’ Beach“. Among the current homeowners here who are believed to have a net worth […]

Kate Upton & Justin Verlander secretly select a celeb-pedigreed pad deep in Benedict Canyon

Listen up real close because Yolanda is about to tell you a real estate secret. Well, okay, it’s not really much of a secret. But we’re gonna whisper it to y’all anyway. Although the 90210 is (perhaps) the most famous and star-studded postal code in all the world, the vast majority of entertainment industry celebrities do not, in fact, […]