A big sale goes (quietly) down in Bel Air

Think of this story as Yolanda’s attempt to provide an appetizing diversion from your current politically-themed meltdown (or celebration). We’re going to keep this semi-fun and relatively light and (mostly) free of politics talk. Okie dokie? Alrighty then. While homes in certain tony LA neighborhoods (Trousdale Estates, Holmby Hills, Pacific Palisades) have been selling like proverbial […]

LA’s richest man drops $16 million on his third Laguna Beach house

What exactly is up with Los Angeles’s richest people? While many of us mere financial mortals moo and moan about China’s super-scary property bubble, the uber-elite are spending like, well, there’s no tomorrow. Don’t believe Yolanda? Take a look at three of SoCal’s wealthiest billionaires and their recent real estate acquisitions. Even for guys of […]