Tom Ford closes on Betsy Bloomingdale’s glam Holmby Hills estate for $40+ million

If you’re a frequenter of all them real estate columns and publications, you probably know that high-priced fashion tycoon Tom Ford has been on a rather extended hunt for a major estate in the toniest neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Earlier this year, his $53 million (or so) escrow for the big Beverly Hills spread of love-her-or-hate-her […]

Gobble Gobble Wibble Wobble

EDIT: (Yolanda removed the original pic we had up here. Our hoity-toity sister, Ethel Yakketyyak, left a disdainful-sounding voicemail reminding us that there might be little kids reading this site. No more PG-13 pictures. Boo hiss.) Our bitches over at Dlisted kept it trendy for Turkey Day by featuring some innovative turkey-bootie-cum-peen-head-hats on their site. But since Yolanda is […]

Star Wars, Space Invaders, and the Great Bel Air Fire: How America’s most expensive house came to be

Yolanda is going off the grid this Thanksgiving. No petulant grandchildren begging for cash, No more pervy neighbors trying catch us with our bloomers down (don’t ask). And sadly, no Aunt Maude nippin’ at the cooking sherry. Nope. We’re taking our candy apple red Caddy and hightailing it to an undisclosed location far, far away […]

Makeup bazillionaire Jamie Kern Lima dumps $13 million on a Brentwood contemporary

(EDIT (1/13/17): Photographs removed at Ms. Kern Lima’s request) Close your eyes and let Yolanda read y’all a wee bedtime story. Deep down in the dirty dusky darkness, far far away. While long lay the world in sin and error pining, some of us reach for something more. We claw our way beyond this padlocked reality. Are we […]

Mexican actor/director Eugenio Derbez grabs an $8 million architectural in Beverly Hills (Post Office)

What would we do without our beloved Romanian pal Vlad the Revealer from Celebrity Address Aerial, y’all? It was he, after all, who demanded that we spill the proverbial jelly beans on a super-contemporary mini-mansion way up high in the Benedict Canyon region of the Beverly Hills Post Office neighborhood. For those of you ignorant young’uns, […]

Tobey Maguire weaves his way into a $13 million Brentwood spec-mansion

Actor Tobey Maguire and his longtime wife Jennifer Meyer (daughter of NBC Universal bigshot Ron Meyer) recently called it quits and (unsurprisingly) quickly heaved their charming Santa Monica micro-compound onto the open market. Divorce is very sad for all parties involved, we know. And yet it is our manna from heaven! Yolanda is ashamed to admit it, but that […]

Tom Gores officially checks out of Beverly Park… for a record-breaking price

When multi-billionaire Platinum Equity mogul and Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores bought a $100,000,000 Holmby Hills mega-mansion last month, it caught Yolanda (and everyone else) completely off-guard. We were flabbergasted that even a billionaire like himself had the financial wherewithal to throw down $100 million in cash. Jaded as we are, that’s still a terrifyingly massive […]