Elon Musk doles out $24 million for his fifth Bel Air property

When he’s not building rockets or planning a Mars colony or disrupting the auto industry or going on a Twitter rampage or catfighting with Mark Zuckerberg or getting married (again) or getting divorced (again) or romancing Johnny Depp’s dearly departed ex (Lord have mercy!), multi-billionaire Elon Musk spends his free time buying real estate. Lots […]

“The Walking Dead” star Steven Yeun pays all-cash in Los Feliz

Yesterday, a little birdy sent Yolanda an unexpected query about a spiffy-looking flipper situation in the trendy and celeb-friendly (and expensive) Los Feliz neighborhood that recently sold for $2,300,000. A wee bit of consulting with listing information and property records reveals that the house was transferred to an anonymous blind trust in what clearly appears […]

“Game of Thrones” star Emilia Clarke spends like a queen in Venice

It wasn’t so long ago that Venice was considered a real rough-and-tumble location. (We refer to the seaside neighborhood of LA, not the sinking town in Italy, of course.) Although parts of the district remain somewhat gritty, the trendy (and high-priced) Abbott Kinney shopping strip has brought sweeping gentrification to the neighborhood. And that rapid […]

A Trousdale teardown quietly transfers for $32.5 million

Take a look at this house. Ain’t it gorgeous? Isn’t she lovely? Designed by Vantage Design Group, it’s got some of the most spectacular waterworks we’ve ever seen. There’s an outdoor movie theater, awe-inspiring walls of glass, huge motorcourt and an underground garage. Baller views! Panty-dropping firepits! The perfect house in a fantastic location. For […]

Russian heiress Julia Lebedev drops $27 million on Malibu’s Point Dume

A large Tuscan-style blufftop mansion in the coveted and celebrity-infested “Point Dume” neighborhood of Malibu sold a few weeks ago for a stupendous $27,250,000. As far as your gurl knows, that’s 2016’s second-biggest Malibu sale, after the massive “Lady Malibu” transfer. And Yolanda has been meaning to write about this one for awhile. But as […]

Roy & Lea Black toss out $6 million for some Sunset Strip sex appeal

After chatting about Camille Grammer, we decided to continue on with our ex-Real Housewives stars today because, well, why not. Lea Black, as you may (or may not) know, was the unofficial matriarch on the short-lived Miami franchise. We never watched that particular trainwreck — thank goodness — but we hope Mrs. Black got a few […]