Just who is Tina Trahan?

Seven long months ago, near the dewy dawn of 2016, a newly-built mansion in a very prime neighborhood of Santa Monica sold for $7,150,000. Now, a $7 million spec-mansion in Santa Monica isn’t really much of anything to get laid out over. It’s fairly commonplace, actually. But what interested Yolanda is that the house was […]

“Fifty Shades” star Jamie Dornan gets his mid-century groove on in Nichols Canyon

It was our trusty colleague Vlad the Revealer from Celebrity Address Aerial who first queried Yolanda about the owner of a rather striking and sickeningly well-preserved mid-century modern gem high in the Hollywood Hills. Although the buyer of the recently-sold property is listed in records only as an anonymously-named blind trust, Yolanda just happens to […]