A new Landry comes to LA’s most expensive street… or does it?

America’s everlasting existential crisis, as everyone knows, has to do with Los Angeles real estate. Wait, you didn’t know? Wake up, Wanda! Because it’s true. The debate has raged across generations and broken through ethnic/gender/class/whatever other barriers faster than a drunken ‘Bama mom goes airborne at the season opener. It all boils down to this: […]

“Fifty Shades” star Jamie Dornan gets his mid-century groove on in Nichols Canyon

It was our trusty colleague Vlad the Revealer from Celebrity Address Aerial who first queried Yolanda about the owner of a rather striking and sickeningly well-preserved mid-century modern gem high in the Hollywood Hills. Although the buyer of the recently-sold property is listed in records only as an anonymously-named blind trust, Yolanda just happens to […]

Songstress Lana del Rey snags a $6 million Studio City compound

The skyrocketing popularity of the once-unfashionable Studio City area means that prices have gone up, up, up. That increase in both trendiness and wealth has brought a massive wave of not just regular rich folks but also ballin’ celebrities to the mostly-hilly neighborhood. In just the past couple years, buyers in the area have included […]