Alba di Angeli: The Ghost

The eastern portion of LA’s iconic Sunset Strip is a hotbed of tourists and celebrities and assorted debauchery. Nightclubs. Drugs. Sex. Mechanized bulls. Some rather puritanical folks might term it a cesspool of sin. Of course, it’s all one big happy playground for the paparazzi. They’re lurking in every corner out there, foaming at the […]

Modern Family’s Ariel Winter snatches a modern Sherman Oaks starter house

Last week, Yolanda’s friend Vlad the Revealer over at Celebrity Address Aerial challenged your gurl to uncover the true identity of the buyer of a brand-spankin’-new house in the prototypical suburban neighborhood of Sherman Oaks. For the record, documents show the $1,575,000 house in question was officially sold last month (August 2016) to an opaque […]

An undercover $32 million sale quietly breaks the Pacific Palisades record

A recent report by CoreLogic highlighted the fact that even as sky-high home prices in Los Angeles continue to increase, overall sales volume has dropped in the past two consecutive months. Optimistic (some might say greedy) sellers have flooded the market with subpar homes saddled with distressingly outrageous pricetags. And most buyers just aren’t biting. […]