Ali Larter sells to Cirkut in the Hollywood Hills

Now kids, you know a high-falutin’ gal like Yolanda Y. rarely deigns to discuss residential real estate transactions below the $10 million barrier. It’s just entirely foreign territory to your gurl. Us writing about those “normal” folks’ houses would sorta be like seeing one of those the rapidly-and-alarmingly-reproducing Kardashian freakazoids piloting a base-model BMW 5-series. […]

Bird Street Week: Here’s the insane mansion (with three pools) that’s replacing the old Megan Ellison compound

Before we close the book on Bird Street Week, we wanted to give y’all a quick and dainty treat. Thanks to our real estate insider Don Won, we’ve got a right delight for everyone. You see, Mr. Won dug up renderings of the uber-modern mega-compound that will be replacing two of Oracle heiress/film producer Megan […]