YouTube stars Rosanna Pansino & HuskyStarcraft plop out nearly $4 million in Tarzana

Call Yolanda a jaded beotch, but we’ve long ago ceased being confounded by the way some folks earn their millions here in Los Angeles. Actually, we think that’s actually one of the primary reasons we continue to be fascinated by real estate in this particular city. It’s not just because we’re familiar with the area, […]

La Cañada Flintridge’s own Vince Dundee buys $23 million worth of Malibu sand

We normally use this blog to joke around about anything and everything, but for once we’re going to get seriously serious. We promise this will be the only time! Yolanda’s Armenian grandparents lived in the same house in La Cañada Flintridge for more than 40 years. During some summers, we would spend nigh every Saturday at […]

DC Comics king Geoff Johns stealthily shells out $6 million in Studio City

Although it is Martin Luther King, Jr. to whom the phrase “I have a dream” is usually credited, we’re guessing just about everyone has big dreams, big plans for themselves. But it’s those with entertainment industry aspirations — particularly in the actor/singer/model categories — who perhaps possess the most irrational, wildest-eyed optimism. Despite the fact […]

Rich Eisen & Suzy Shuster pay $8 million in the Crest Streets

While trendy neighborhoods such as Trousdale Estates and the Bird Streets may hog the majority of the LA real estate headlines, there’s another, lesser-known neighborhood just to the west of those sexy areas where prices can climb nearly as high. The “Crest Streets”, as they have been labelled by real estate agents, are a collection […]

By Request: LA Galaxy star Giovani dos Santos gets boxy in Beverly Grove

Normally Yolanda wouldn’t discuss the home of a professional soccer star (football star to you crazy international folks). No, it’s not that we’re denying these players are celebs or think that this house isn’t big and gaudy enough to qualify for this high-falutin’ hot mess of a blog. It’s just, well, although Yolanda played AYSO […]

Mysterious Bahamas-based billionaire David Haring spends $13 million in Benedict Canyon

It was a warm night in August 1969. A night just like any other summer night in LA — at least until the evening twilight had long dissipated and complete darkness set in. You see, it wasn’t until well after midnight that the infamous Manson “family” descended on an innocent household in Benedict Canyon, slashing […]