Bird Street Week: PIMCO alum Tammie Arnold builds a double nest for $9 million

One of the longest celebrity resident stalwarts in the Birds was super-talented actress Jodie Foster, who first bought in the neighborhood way back in the mid-1990s and resided in the same Spanish-style home for nearly 20 years. Sadly, all good things come to an end. In summer 2012, Ms. Foster quietly upgraded her residential circumstances […]

Bird Street Week: The enigmatic Dr. Greg Bailey and his $16 million of minimalism

Earlier this year, a striking modern on the “view side” of a street that’s long been considered one of the best in the Birds sold for an A-list-style $16,335,000. The new owner took title under a mysteriously-named trust, so Yolanda initially figured it was a celeb. But, as is occasionally the case, we weren’t able […]

The Department of Justice moves to seize $100 million worth of prime LA real estate

The big news around town this week is the DoJ has, at long last and as anticipated, filed presumptive documents to seize assets purchased with stolen cash in the never-ending 1MDB saga. Fresh off their $33.5 million (rumored price) sale in Malibu, they’re ready for bigger and better things. If you’re like Yolanda, poring over […]

Laurene Powell Jobs continues her spending spree, buys ranch across the street from Bill Gates

There ain’t nothin’ Yolanda loves better than gossiping about a crazy-rich heiress who lives to slam down the cash on top-flight real estate. And Mon Dieu, today’s subject is not afraid to bust out the sultan-sized checks. So naturally, although the story has already been thoroughly covered, we just couldn’t resist tossing our $0.02 into […]