Thank You, One Directioners

Yolanda would like to thank all our readers, lurkers, [insert whatever label you prefer] on here. We know we should really be thanking y’all more often. Y’all are how your gurl gets those darn mortgage payments paid! But today is really a banner occasion. Specifically, we need to call out the One Direction fandom. Donald […]

From The Vault

We devote a substantial amount of time and energy to writing about the biggest and baddest residential real estate deals out there, blah blah blah. Because of that, well, there’s a whole blimp-load of smaller and quieter (but still interesting) transactions that even the hard-working lass Yolanda never gets around to discussing. It’s not that […]

UPDATE: Megan Ellison

Last week, Yolanda and Our Mama over at Variety both discussed billionaire heiress and disruptive film producer Megan Ellison‘s secret new $13,500,000 house in Beverly Hills, the one she acquired in an off-market deal from Lynne Wasserman of Beverly Hills’ Wasserman dynasty. At the time, Yolanda was a bit confuddled as to why Miss Ellison […]

Kola Aluko takes a hard hit in Bel Air

Oh dear. Times are tough for the world’s money launderers. There’s that whole Panama Papers fiasco that’s already toppled governments. Switzerland (!!) is leading the crusade against banking fraud. Even traditional money laundering vehicle stalwarts like real estate and art are no longer secure. Transparency is coming even to the darkest, most shadowy corners of […]