“Rented lifestyle” guru Christy Bamber flips her (owned) Trousdale Estates house

Listen, everyone, Yolanda is sick like a dog today so we’re going to be uncharacteristically brief with this one because we need to go kneel before the porcelain goddess once again. But we digress! Here we have a young blonde lady from Nashville named Christy Bamber. Miss Bamber has a fairly popular Instagram account (18,000 […]

Tom Cruise sells his former Mexican mafia princess house to Leon Black for $38 million

This has been rumored to infinity and beyond already, but Yolanda would like to inform y’all that property records now confirm that weirdo actor Mr. Crucero sold his big Beverly Hills mansion to multi-billionaire financier Leon Black and his wife Debra earlier this month. However, unlike celebrity gossip kingpin TMZ, which reported the deal was […]

Kola Aluko’s Last Stand

Our esteemed Rabbi Hedda LaCasa reminded us of something important. About how there’s other, far more significant issues happening in the world at this very moment. More significant than our mindless real estate gossip drivel, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, we neglected to mention anything about the recent Orlando tragedy yesterday. It’s times like this when […]