Real Housewives of Malibu Part 3: The house Erika Girardi sold to Ryan Kavanaugh… and some Pasadena spice

A word of warning: this will be an R-rated post. Parents, we suggest you hide the kiddies. Kiddies, if you’re reading this without your parents’ knowledge, be sure you’re hiding safely underneath the covers or in the bathroom so they don’t catch you peekin’. We’re certainly not going to be posting any nudity — Yolanda […]

Yolanda Hadid Foster sells to Robert & Hope Smith for nearly $20 million

We can see the eyerolls from way across the internets already with this one. Yes, yes, we know. We’re perfectly aware that every publication in existence has already discussed how lemon-loving and perpetually bedridden Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stalwart Yolanda Hadid (previously known as Yolanda Foster) sold her mammoth Malibu mansion for a blistering […]

Real Housewives of Malibu Part 1: Camille Grammer sells to Wendy Hughes for $13 million… and then downgrades

Yolanda is back from the desert and not a moment too soon. Damn, y’all, it’s fun to get away now and then but your gurl forgot how little there actually is to do out there. Our restlessness meant we spent most of the time yakking on our phone or pounding away on our computer. Know […]

Picasso’s daughter-in-law emerges victorious in Glassell Park

There was a fight in LA recently. It was brutal. A teeth-gnashing, heel-breaking, vitriol-filled battle. Beotches were literally cutting each other. There was plenty of weave-pulling and fake boobie-whacking. And it all happened in the middle of the street! It was downright indecent and frankly, all too shocking. Neighbors hid their children. Charlie Sheen offered […]

Forgotten Lady

Yolanda was scrolling through her recently published “stories” this weekend, and we quickly realized there’s something amiss. And no, it’s not just our general lack of class. Very funny. It’s that we haven’t discussed Malibu much recently! It’s been all Beverly Hills and then some random scattered shit. But have no fear, Yolanda is gonna […]