Anne Akiko Meyers drops $22 million in Pacific Palisades (and sells in NYC)

Listen, y’all, we apologize in advance but this is gonna be an unusually brief post (we think). Typically we go way off the deep end with flowery phraseology, unnecessary details and rambling digressions, but we’re gonna keep it on the straight and narrow today. Yolanda’s got dinner plans and many other woefully exciting things to […]

Lorna Jane Clarkson buys Sam Simon’s slice of real estate porn

When most folks think of Pacific Palisades, they probably imagine big, stately East-Coast clapboard style homes mixed in with more modest ranch and Spanish style cribs. Big green lawns and sunny skies. Low-key wealth and a laid-back, family-friendly vibe. Loads of baby-stroller-wielding celebs. At least that’s how Yolanda typically characterizes it. What’s lesser-known to most […]