Porn king György Gattyán does it big yet again

Hang around LA’s wealthier pockets long enough and you’ll discover there are several different sets of rich folks that live here. We’re not talking about differences in race, culture, age, whatever. We mean differing degrees of financial prowess, if you will. There’s about four different levels of “rich”. There’s those folks who dress real snazzy […]

Here’s How China’s Richest Playgirl Lives in LA

Walt Disney famously once said “Money doesn’t excite me – my ideas excite me.” We wonder if Mr. Disney had any idea that decades later, a gender-bending future young resident of his LA estate would publicly and wistfully espouse similar theories about money’s limited capabilities, as she was photographed (sometimes literally) swimming in millions of […]

Mandeville Mystery 2: Shawn Levy Sells to Trent Reznor for $16 million

Well spank Yolanda’s booty because Ms. Windsor Smith is on fire right now. The lady is killin’ it. Seriously. You’ll recall we only just jumped on the bandwagon and discussed the Mandeville Canyon hacienda that British crooner Chris Martin sold to hedge fund impresario (and fellow Brit) Maurice Salem and his wife Danielle. That sale […]

Mandeville Mystery: Chris Martin Sells to Maurice Salem for $12 million

We know, we know. “Enough with the Paltrow junk already!” We’re sorry. But we just can’t resist. It was our gurl Your Mama over at Variety who first broke the news about Coldplay lead/Gwyneth’s ex Chris Martin very, very, very quietly selling his top-secret mansion that many folks didn’t even know he had. The property […]